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High Velocity DNA Tagging System Launched By UK’s Leading Forensic Marking Company

January 15, 2013

LAS VEGAS, January 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

A High Velocity DNA Tagging system that keeps criminals at arm’s length is being
launched today at The SHOT Show, Las Vegas, by innovative UK security company Selectamark.

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Identifying an individual in a crowd or at a distance can be challenging for law
enforcement officers and police especially when they are in riot situations or
experiencing crowd control problems.

Available in pistol and rifle form, this new and practical concept allows police and
military to remain at a safe distance (up to 30-40 metres) from a potential target while
deploying the SelectaDNA High Velocity pellet.

By using the new SelectaDNA High Velocity System, a uniquely-coded DNA pellet can be
used to mark an individual so that they can be apprehended at a less confrontational time
for officers.

Selectamark Managing Director Andrew Knights said: “On contact with the target the
uniquely-coded SelectaDNA solution leaves a synthetic DNA trace mark that will enable the
relevant authorities to confirm or eliminate that person from their involvement in a
particular situation and could ultimately lead to arrest and prosecution.”

The SelectaDNA High Velocity System comes in two forms – Rifle or Pistol. Both systems
offer similar range and accuracy with the real difference being the size, power source and
ammunition capacity.

The Pistol is powered by a 12g powerlet offering up to 20 shots per powerlet.

The SelectaDNA pellets are supplied in packs of 14 pellets to a container. All pellets
in a pack contain the same unique DNA code. The pellets can be used in either the pistol
or the rifle.

Notes to Editors

About SelectaDNA

Selectamark Security Systems plc sells patented DNA security solutions to protect
property, assets, critical infrastructure and people. SelectaDNA provides a forensic chain
of evidence which can be used to identify property and link criminals irrefutably to crime

SelectaDNA is the World’s No.1 brand in forensic coding and is available in over 20
countries. For more information visit http://www.selectadna.co.uk

Images of the SelectaDNA High Velocity System are available for free editorial use.
Credit: Selectamark.

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