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Talking Numbers: Report Outlines Motorola’s New Direction, Cloud Payments

January 16, 2013

NEW YORK, January 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

How has Motorola been keeping up in the government and enterprise segments? Will
economies of scale continue to buoy margins as the company seeks to roll out its new mPOS
product line?

With only two years of operating independently, Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) [Full
Research Report [http://www.nationaltradersassociation.org/r/full_research_report/6e7e_MSI
]][(1)] retains its position as a market leader in its core markets, namely public safety
government agencies and commercial enterprises. Motorola is continuing its focus on both
infrastructure and applications, while looking forward to expand task-specific mobile
computing devices for enterprises.

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Motorola Solutions has recently teamed up with Best Buy Canada and Future Shop,
Canada’s first electronic retailers to roll out fully integrated, enterprise mobile point
of sale (mPOS) solutions. Both retailers announced that the implementation of the
tablet-based mPOS technology has improved their customer service and staff productivity at
a number of stores.

Best Buy Canada and Future Shop are leveraging new mPOS applications coupled with
devices, such as Motorola Solutions’ ET1 Enterprise Tablet, to empower their staff in
helping customers have a more convenient shopping experience. With the help of Motorola
Solutions’ innovations, associates can handle more tasks, manage purchase transactions
from anywhere in the store, and leverage omni-channel retail strategies like having
out-of-stock items shipped to the customers’ homes or stores.

Along with the ET1, Best Buy and Future Shop stores also use many other Motorola
Solutions technology, including MC40 mobile computer and MPM-100 Bluetooth mobile payment
module, to drive their mPOS strategy.

Here’s what Girish Rishi, senior vice president of the Enterprise Solutions of
Motorola Solutions, has to say about the mPOS trend:

“Allowing an associate to stay by a customer’s side and answer questions, order
out-of-stock merchandise for direct delivery, and reinforce his or her purchasing decision
increases the likelihood of closing that sale. The new level of responsiveness mPOS
delivers makes the shopping experience more personal and interactive. By eliminating the
walk to the register, mPOS solutions can help save sales and build brand loyalty.”

In their government segment, Motorola Solutions dominates the market with greater than
50% share in public safety radio handsets, infrastructure, software, and services.

Last month, Motorola Solutions received an iF product design award for its MOTOTRBO SL
Series digital two-way radio and the LEX 700 mission-critical handheld. These products
were selected from more than 3,000 entries for their outstanding design. Motorola
Solutions has also been awarded the 2012 North America City Surveillance Partner of the
Year by Axis Channel Convergence Conference for providing real-time video intelligence
(RTVI) for public safety agencies.

“We are pleased to be working with a world-class organization such as Motorola
Solutions in the city surveillance space, a segment where high-quality, reliable IP video
is absolutely critical for law enforcement and government agencies. Their expertise and
experience working with law enforcement uniquely positions them as a partner that can
deliver Axis’ solutions to provide a safer city environment for everyone.” – Scott Dun,
director, Business Development, Axis Communications, Inc.

Motorola Solutions’ cost advantage is due to its decades of market share leadership
(combining years with its predecessor, Motorola Inc.). Sustained market leadership gives
the company the greatest share of the accumulated experience in the communications
equipment and greatest benefit from the experience curve. Motorola Solutions is able to
lead in innovation, price competitively across product and service tiers, and still
generate attractive returns.

Motorola Solutions’ strength can be seen in its revenue growth, earning per share,
increase in net income, return on equity, and solid stock price performance. These
strengths offset the company’s weak operating cash flow.

With the achievements and awards that Motorola has been receiving, it has never failed
to introduce innovations to the public safety and enterprise segment – products that are
ground breaking both in form and function. Technology is always moving forward and
Motorola has a history of leading the way.

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[(1)] The Full Research Report on Motorola Solutions – including full detailed
breakdown, analyst ratings and price targets – is available to download free of charge at:

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