Back From The Dead: Will LG Reveal A Windows 8 Phone Next Month?
January 16, 2013

Back From The Dead: Will LG Reveal A Windows Phone 8 Next Month?

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

CES is that special time of year where small companies release odd products, established companies show off their current offerings, and gargantuan companies trot out expensive prototypes which will probably never arrive as a shippable product.

As it has been in years past, CES 2013 didn´t carry much in the way of new smartphone news. Sure, Sony released their new Xperia Z and ZL phones, but it´s likely other smartphone manufacturers are keeping their powder dry for next month´s CTIA Mobile World Congress (MWC), held annually in the much more exotic Barcelona, Spain.

One such company looking to make a splash at MWC is LG who, according to the Korea Times, is expected to revive an old line of Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

This news is of significance in 2 ways. First, LG´s mobile boss Park Jong Seok has said before that his company had no intentions to jump on “other mobile platforms,” signaling to many that LG was perfectly happy being a one-platform kind of company– that one platform being Android.

According to the latest rumor, an unnamed LG executive was caught discussing his companies plans to release “multiple” Windows Phone 8 phones in the coming year. According to the Korea Times, this shift towards Windows Phone 8 is how LG aims to meet their goal of shipping 75 million handsets in 2013.

According to the Korea Times piece, the unnamed senior executive at LG was quite forthcoming about their plans, saying. "We will release quite a number of new Optimus devices this year and LG also has some new smartphones in the works that will run Microsoft's Windows Phone 8."

Though this isn´t an official announcement, it´s a pretty definitive statement from said executive.

If and when LG decides to launch these devices, it seems entirely likely they´ll choose the MWC as a worthwhile platform.

This isn´t the first time LG has released a Windows Phone smartphone before. The LG Optimus 7 and Optimus 7Q (or Optimus Quantum) were both released in 2010. Since then, LG has only partnered with Android when creating their smartphones.

Microsoft has been pushing their new Windows Phone 8 platform with fervor and it´s likely LG has finally found such a partnership to be beneficial to their bottom line.

LG spent a lot of time asking people to “touch the smart life” during this year´s CES, showcasing “smart” appliances and “smart” televisions working together in one “smart” home.

Each of these appliances worked with a smartphone in some way; the oven could be turned on remotely via smartphone, the fridge could tell the smartphone why kind of food it was storing, and pictures and videos could be broadcast from a smartphone to the television.

If LG is sincere in making this type of home a reality, it seems likely they´d want to ship as many smartphones as possible. Giving customers the choice of platform is one way LG can make this kind of dream a reality.