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QualiSystems Integrates Enterprise Software Framework with FiberZone Switch Improving Test Lab Management

January 17, 2013

SANTA CLARA, California, January 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

QualiSystems [http://www.qualisystems.com ] announced today it has added the ability
to integrate its TestShell [http://www.qualisystems.com/site/content/t2.asp?Sid=73&Pid=500
] enterprise software framework with FiberZone’s Automated Fiber Management
[http://www.fiberzone-networks.com/solutions/literature/AFM_Datasheet_Dec10_Letter.pdf ]
(AFM) Layer 1 Switch to allow customers to perform lab management and provisioning
remotely. QualiSystems’ TestShell, an enterprise software framework, offers complete lab
management and device provisioning that enable engineers to optimize lab performance,
increase testing coverage, and expand equipment utilization even while working remotely.
FiberZone’s AFM switches perform fast switching, support both multimode and single mode
fibers. Together, the two companies can provide users with direct access to FiberZone
hardware by adding remote cloud-based capabilities to the physical lab.

FiberZone specializes in fiber infrastructure by facilitating remote and automated
end-to-end connectivity control via automated patching. QualiSystems’ focus on networks,
storage and cloud infrastructure provisioning complements FiberZone’s superior optical
performance including scalability and high reliability. This new integration is both
cost-effective and optimizes network testing labs, giving QualiSystems and FiberZone’s
customers the ability to improve the quality of their products and services.

Layer-1 switch integration provides an increase in overall speed, and scalability.
Furthermore, lab set up time and efforts will be reduced when deploying the AFM switch
combined with TestShell because of automated connectivity, reduced cabling and speedier
provisioning to complete test set-up according to the individual customers’ requirements.
Beyond controlling Layer-1 switches, TestShell provides complete support for network,
storage and test equipment via a large embedded set of integrated tools including:

        - CLI (Command Line Interface) - allows the use of common scripting
          languages to automate topology provisioning and configuration
        - Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) - including SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and
        - Graphical User Interface (GUI) automation - driving web, java and Microsoft
          based applications.

“This integration solution is offered to network equipment manufacturers, service
providers, datacenters and enterprises that benefit from the added ability to provide a
powerful lab management platform that optimizes resource utilization and lab performance,”
says Bill Simmelink, FiberZone Networks CEO. “We look forward to continued success with
the AFM family, now enhanced by the inclusion of QualiSystems’ lab automation

“The strengths of QualiSystems’ TestShell combined with FiberZone’s Layer-1 switch
will convert lab management into a cloud environment for network and storage testing” said
Eitan Lavie, vice president of Product & Marketing at QualiSystems. “FiberZone is a
trusted supplier of remote fiber connectivity solutions and this pairing brings additional
benefits and capabilities to customers for setting up test environments in a cloud type
self-servicing manner.”

About FiberZone Networks

FiberZone Networks delivers remote fiber connectivity solutions to datacenters and
networks with its Automatic Fiber Management (AFM) product line, delivering reliability,
flexibility, fault tolerance and management to the fiber infrastructure. FiberZone’s AFM
significantly increases network reliability and availability, reduces operating costs,
minimizes network faults and human errors, and prevents revenue losses & SLA (Service
Level Agreement) penalties. FiberZone’s AFM product line utilizes patent-pending Latched
Optical Coupling (LOCTM) technology that delivers reliable passive connectivity in a
remotely-managed automated fiber management system. http://www.fiberzone-networks.com

About TestShell

TestShell is an end-to-end software framework for lab management, device provisioning
and test automation. The software is used by carriers, network service providers, data
centers, enterprises, and device manufacturers. TestShell provides complete lab
management, resource scheduling, automated device provisioning, topology creation, and
comprehensive reporting and analysis. The software framework helps organizations to
improve product quality, optimize lab performance, shorten release time to market, and
significantly reduce capital and operational expenditures.

About QualiSystems

QualiSystems is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for test and lab
automation, driving innovation, efficiency and ROI.

Used in the Networking environment to manage and drive large scale testing labs,
QualiSystems’ TestShell framework enables engineers to optimize lab performance and
increase testing coverage while expanding equipment utilization, reducing setup time and
accelerating testing. TestShell Framework has already proven as an industry-critical
solution in North America, APAC, Europe and the Middle East, where it is used by market
leaders from a wide spectrum of industries including network equipment manufacturers,
telecom operators, data center providers, enterprises and electronics device
manufacturers. http://www.qualisystems.com

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