GreenLife Water: Water Filtration is Necessary for Healthy Home Environment

January 17, 2013

In addition to existing focus on how drinking local tap water impacts health, emerging concerns highlight other potential threats caused by chemical pollutants in tap water. In response, GreenLife Water underscores the benefits of whole home filtration systems.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 17, 2013

Throughout history, the public has always been urged by health officials to drink an appropriate amount of clean water in order to prevent dehydration and boost human health. Despite this need for water, in terms of actual consumption, toxins and chemical pollutants found in treated supplies of local tap water can have a negative impact on resident health. However, a recent article from the Mother Nature Network reveals that these contaminants may harm people in other aspects of water use. GreenLife Water, a Canadian-based water filter system provider, has taken note of these concerns and has helped homeowners realize the advantages of whole home water filtration systems.

The Mother Nature Network article chronicles the struggles of one mother who has faced consistent concerns regarding the health of her family in relation to the quality of her tap water supply. She states, “My current green improvement is to implement a whole-house water filter for my home. The decision came after repeatedly bathing my children in greenish-blue water due to the high levels of chlorine. The chlorine is so concentrated that you can smell it every time I run a bath for my daughters. It´s so bad that I´ve spaced their bathing schedule out to every other day. I tried letting the water sit for a bit so that the chlorine could possibly evaporate but by that point the water would be cold.”

In response, GreenLife Water notes that products, such as its three-stage water filtration system can prove to be an advantageous alternative to unfiltered tap water. The company explains that with a whole home system, homeowners and their families can enjoy greater air quality, healthier skin and more cleaner dishes and clothes as there is a lesser likelihood that contaminants, such as chlorine, will be present in all in-home water outlets.

In an effort to promote further public attention on this matter, GreenLife Water concludes in a recent press statement, “A lot of people are really starting to become more and more concerned about how many chemicals and pollutants are in our everyday life. Eating organic foods with no pesticides or preservatives, breathing unpolluted healthy air in your home–drinking water without unwanted chemicals is becoming the rule, not the exception.”


GreenLife Water is the leading provider of water filtration systems in Ontario, Canada. Known for helping families and homeowners receive cleaner, tap water through a three-stage whole home water filtration product, GreenLife Water is focused on helping citizens realize the benefits found in filtered water. GreenLife Water operates with a vision is to make whole home water filtration easy, accessible and affordable for all home owners in Canada. Those who would like to learn more about having a GreenLife Water system installed in their home are encouraged to visit http://www.greenlifewater.com for more information.

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