Globemploy Narrows the Job Search with New Tool Globexact

January 21, 2013

Globemploy, a job-matching company out of Montreal, QC, aims to match potential candidates and employers using new tool Globexact.

Montreal, QC (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

Manpower Group reports that as many as 49 % of employers experience difficulty filling vacant job positions. In today´s economy with so people looking for work, this seems hard to fathom. Globemploy, a job-matching service out of Montreal, QC, has found a way to match potential employee to employers with Globexact, their filtering factor tool.

A largely unreported fact is that many of those vacant jobs go unfilled due to a dearth of ℠locally´ qualified applicants. In North America in particular, the healthcare and tech fields lack fully qualified applicants for many available jobs.

This situation is played out in varying degrees and in different industries worldwide. Countless jobs go unfilled in professions such as marketing, communications, advertising, healthcare and finance.

With globalization and the continued evolution of technological advances, forward thinking companies, large and small, are now looking outside their immediate environs to find qualified candidates to fill lucrative positions. This crisis has resulted in a new and positive way of thinking on the part of employers that ultimately improves the efficacy of their workforce.

Finding the right applicant from the large pool of available talent worldwide remains a major challenge. Despite continuous advances in technology, most firms looking to hire new talent are still using inefficient and outdated recruitment methods, even ℠on-line´. To be sure, the most popular employment websites employ methods that leave hiring managers the task of sifting through mountains of resumes, hoping to find the exact combination of skill set, experience, and personality.

Recently, a website with a revolutionary concept has been launched: Globemploy.com. This unique platform aims to solve the growing worldwide disparity between high unemployment in some countries and industries and available qualified job seekers in other parts of the world.

Headed by long-time Canadian entrepreneur Mark Kraminer, the Globemploy team is dedicated to the challenge of “matching skills with opportunity worldwide”.

Globemploy´s platform, utilizes a comprehensive filtering system called Globexact that filters the critical factors which are specified in each job post to find 100% matched candidates- from their growing global database of diverse talented individuals.

Globemploy has set its sights on matching potential candidates and employers, based on more than just a skill set. Also included are emotional intelligence factors (in addition to education, skill and experience), and secure video interviewing, thus saving both parties monumental amounts of time and travel costs.

As technology continues to make the world a smaller and more competitive place, companies with a global outlook continue to take the lead in all aspects of business. Globemploy is dedicated to keeping their clients one step ahead of the competition by introducing them to the finest talent the world has to offer.

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