AT&T U-Verse Experiences Major Outage
January 22, 2013

AT&T U-Verse Is Out Across 12 States In The Southeast And Southwest

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

If you really want to make people upset, try taking away their Internet and television. For many, these are mere luxuries, the absence of which is nothing more than an inconvenience, at best. For others, these services are crucial to their home or small business and can be of major concern.

According to several blogs and Twitter complaints, AT&T´s U-Verse customers in the southern areas of the United States are currently without access to the web or their favorite television stations. AT&T has acknowledged an outage of some kind on Twitter, saying: “U-verse customers in some markets may be experiencing service issues -- we're working to resolve ASAP and apologize for any inconvenience.”

According to an unnamed source, U-Verse customers in 9 states of the Southeast region and 3 states in the Southwest region are currently experiencing outages. Complete service has yet to be restored.

The PR team running the Twitter account has also been busy over the last few hours apologizing to many users and asking them to be patient with them as they work to restore service.

According to, the outage seems to be mostly affecting users in the South. Atlanta, Florida and Texas are pretty well represented as states without U-Verse access, but some on Twitter claim the outage goes as far west as California.

Some customers have even been experiencing outages since yesterday afternoon, unable to use their U-Verse service.

One AT&T spokesperson has given an official statement to The Miami Herald, saying: “A team of engineers and technicians are working to resolve the issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.”

It´s this relative silence from AT&T which seems to be angering U-Verse customers the most. One Twitter user has claimed they were on hold with AT&T for nearly an hour before being told about this outage. Another Twitter user claims they´ll be removing an entire day from their bill due to the outage. Several other Twitter users have made the observation that a communications company has yet to clearly communicate about this issue.

Several other Twitter users have been discussing what shows they´ll be missing this evening and lamenting that they now have nothing to do at home. There are even some who are claiming the U-Verse outage is affecting their home businesses.

This outage only affects U-Verse customers. Those AT&T customers with cable, Internet or landline without a U-Verse package should still have access to their services during this outage.