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CloudByte Introduces Next-Generation Storage for the New-Age Datacenters; Expands US Operations

January 23, 2013

CAMPBELL, California, January 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

ElastiStor 1.1 delivers QoS-configurable storage endpoints and on-demand
storage provisioning, making storage easy and affordable in datacenters with hundreds of

diverse applications;

CloudByte CTO moves to Silicon Valley office to lead and expand US


CloudByte Inc., the technology leader in enterprise storage, today announced the
launch of ElastiStor 1.1 (Beta), to meet the storage demands of new-age datacenters which
host hundreds of applications with diverse workloads. ElastiStor 1.1 boasts of several
industry-first features, including QoS-configurable storage endpoints and on-demand
storage provisioning, which offer tremendous cost savings and drastically simplified
management to enterprises and CSPs.

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“We’re delighted to launch the next-generation storage product by baking in advanced
technologies of virtualization and software-defined intelligence,” said Felix Xavier, CTO
and Founder, CloudByte. “At CloudByte, we are constantly working towards making storage a
lot more intelligent, flexible, fully shared, easily manageable, and ready to handle
thousands of applications and their varying performance demands with a single click.”

QoS-Configurable Storage Endpoints Help Reduce Storage TCO by 80-90%

For the first time ever, ElastiStor brings QoS-configuration to storage endpoints
i.e., each storage LUN can now be configured in terms of capacity, IOPS, throughput and
latency. This allows applications with diverse workloads to be guaranteed QoS right from a
shared storage platform. Together with linear scaling, a single extensible shared storage
platform from ElastiStor can replace legacy solutions’ dedicated storage islands. By
un-fragmenting storage islands and optimally utilizing resources, ElastiStor requires a
much lower storage footprint, leading to 80-90% cost savings over three years.

Ease of Management with On-Demand Provisioning and vCenter like Administration

ElastiStor delivers storage provisioning as a service by intelligently automating node
selection and resource allocation, based on an application’s performance demands. Further,
ElastiStor cluster with hundreds of applications, spanning across multiple sites can be
managed from a single web-based console. ElastiStor console allows admins to monitor,
manage, and control storage resource usage at application-level granularity within shared
storage – a capability that’s technically impossible with legacy storage architecture.
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CloudByte Empowers Cloud Service Providers to Compete with AWS

With AWS announcing IOPS guarantee, other CSPs need a cost-effective way to guarantee
IOPS, throughput and latency to performance-sensitive applications. Legacy storage
solutions result in prohibitive cost structure as they require dedicated storage per
application. ElastiStor delivers tailored QoS to every application right from shared
storage, enabling CSPs to profitably offer a superior service. Within shared storage,
applications are isolated at all storage stack levels for full security. In addition,
ElastiStor offers delegated administration and REST APIs – much requested features from
CSPs to reduce their management overhead.

CloudByte Delivers Customizable, Scalable and Reliable Datacenters to Enterprises

ElastiStor brings unprecedented customizability and scalability to enterprise
datacenters with its software-only and software-defined storage solution. With
zero-proprietary hardware and OpenStorage, ElastiStor frees enterprises from any
proprietary lock-in, allowing them to custom-build infrastructure based on their
requirements, whether it’s SATA, SAS or SSD. Software-defined, ElastiStor allows admins to
easily scale by breaking the need for hardwiring storage controllers and disks to
configure desired performance for any application. Further, CloudByte delivers n-way HA
for mission critical applications, exponentially increasing their uptime compared to
legacy solutions’ 2-way HA. CloudByte ElastiStor is Citrix Ready, certified for Xen Server
6.0 and CloudPlatform 2.x and 3.x.

CloudByte Expands US Operations

Felix Xavier, CTO and Founder, CloudByte has moved to the Campbell, California office
earlier this month to head US operations. Felix is a seasoned leader with over 15 years of
development and technology management experience. With the right blend of expertise in
both networking and storage technologies, he helped ideate CloudByte’s vision. Most
recently, Felix helped NetApp gain leadership position in storage array based data
protection, by driving innovations around its product suite. CloudByte has also recently
hired sales architects and engineers from NetApp to drive CloudByte ElastiStor sales in
North America.

About CloudByte

CloudByte Inc. (http://www.cloudbyte.com) is a next-generation storage product
company headquartered in Campbell, CA, USA with its engineering team based in Bangalore,
India. Architected from the ground-up for today’s virtualized world, CloudByte ElastiStor
helps replace fragmented storage islands in datacenters with a single extensible shared
storage platform, while delivering tailored performance to all applications with full
security and high reliability. An industry first, this capability allows customers to
drastically cut down their storage capex and opex, while lowering their management
overhead. CloudByte ElastiStor runs on industry standard hardware and allows cloud service
providers and enterprises to custom build their storage infrastructure free from any
proprietary lock-in.

Prasanth MLNPP, prasanth.mlnpp@cloudbyte.com, Tel: +91-8105072643



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