New Patent-pending Email Marketing Tool Could Be Used As A Secret Weapon In The 2016 Presidential Race, According to Email Copywriter Blake King

January 23, 2013

Email marketing has changed the political campaign landscape in recent times, from boosting turnout and voter participation in elections to helping with the generation of campaign contributions. Blake King has announced that a new, formerly secret, patented email marketing tool can be used to help political campaigns easily target specific demographics with the right kinds of messages to get people involved in the political cause.

(PRWEB) January 23, 2013

Political analysts have pointed to poor turnout as one of the major reasons why Mitt Romney lost the election in 2012 and direct response strategist, copywriter and marketing consultant Blake King is getting the word out about a new email marketing tool which might help the Republican Party tackle this problem in 2016.

The tool King is advertising works by targeting specific groups by gender, age, city and/or state. He says that sending the same message to everyone won´t have the desired effects as sending the right message to connect with specific groups. “What is better? A message sent to everyone or different messages on specific issues which targets college youth in Texas, the female population of California – or better yet, key groups of swing voters in swing states?”

King adds that “this allows for issue-based political campaigning using email marketing as a cost-effective and laser-targeted platform”, he adds that “voters are smarter and better informed these days. Simple political messages and an ever-smiling candidate won´t work; they need to be targeted based on specific issues that directly affect them. Pain and personal fears need to be irritated and wounds need to be re-opened“¦ all with the goal of getting them to take action on Election Day. Having potential voter´s Age/Gender/Location information makes this possible. And that information has NEVER been built into an email system“¦ until now.”

The tool, which King calls revolutionary, uses the Facebook API to get a subscriber´s demographic data without that subscriber having to specifically give that information. King finishes with “This tool is truly revolutionary, and considering that it can definitely be used to change the results of future political campaigns, the Republican Party would be insane not to use it. All they need to do is combine the demographic data with smart salesmanship of conservative principles.” To see the tool (which hasn´t officially launched yet), go to: http://www.BlakeKing.com/la

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