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Global Voice Group Strengthens its Partnerships with Telecommunications Regulators in 2013

January 25, 2013

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, January 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Global Voice Group’s annual message

Global Voice Group (GVG) wishes its partners in telecommunications regulation, as well
as all public and private stakeholders of the sector, a new year 2013 filled with success,
innovation and growth.

The group has made a very positive assessment of its technical assistance activities
for the benefit of telecommunications regulators in 2012 and is planning to strengthen its
partnerships with the latter in 2013.

Already enjoying a strong presence in Africa, where its revenue assurance and
governance solutions are used in some ten countries, GVG is moving forward on the path to
global development which was laid out in 2012. The group is expanding internationally by
marketing its technologies in the Middle East and throughout the Asian continent.

Regulating the main segments of the flourishing mobile services market (voice, data,
mobile money, etc.) will still represent a key stake for emerging countries in 2013. The
development of the necessary infrastructures will further widen the scope of IP
convergence. The pace at which the technological and commercial telecom environment in
emerging and developing countries has been changing and growing in complexity will keep on
accelerating. This accelerated evolution has a deep impact on the way in which regulatory
authorities manage the issues at stake, such as fraud, Quality of Service, revenue control
and the protection of national interests in a globalization context.

In 2013, GVG will keep on following the evolution of these challenges very closely and
on developing optimal solutions to address the current and future challenges related to
telecommunications regulation in emerging countries.

About GVG

Founded in 1998, Global Voice Group S.A. develops and implements cutting-edge
management and monitoring solutions for telecoms regulation authorities. As a key investor
and partner, we optimize the regulators’ capacities to help them face the current and
future challenges of the sector, both at the national and international level. Our revenue
assurance, traffic monitoring and fraud management solutions are being successfully used
in several countries, including Ghana, Liberia, Rwanda, Togo, Congo-Brazzaville,
Guinea-Conakry and the Central African Republic.

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