Nearly Half Of All Cyber Attacks Originate In Asian Countries
January 25, 2013

Nearly Half Of All Cyber Attacks Originate In Asian Countries

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

According to a new report from Akami Technologies, nearly one-third of all global cyber-attacks are originating in China, thanks in part to improving Internet connections. Though connection speeds are improving in this region, speeds across the rest of the world actually decreased over the second and third quarters of 2012.

The Akami Third Quarter 2012 State of the Internet report now claims that the global connection speed fell by 6.8 percent to 2.8 Mbps. According to this new report, average peak connection speeds also decreased by 1.4 percent to 15.9 Mbps. Though these connection speeds fell in between the two quarters, Akami Technologies has found that global Internet speed has continued to increase by as much as 11 percent year over year.

Not only did Asian countries lead when it came to the number of cyber-attacks, they also topped the charts when it came to connection speed. In fact, this new report claims that connection speeds in these areas have continued to grow quarter-to-quarter. South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong led the rest of the Asian region with speeds topping out near 15 Mbps, 10 Mbps and 9 Mbps, respectively. These numbers have also led these countries to rise to the top of the high global broadband connectivity list. “High global broadband connectivity” is defined as a connection speed of 10 Mbps.

The report also claims that the connection speeds of the world have grown overall when looking at years past. Akami claims Indonesia saw the most improvement in the ways of connection speed, growing by 54 percent to a modest 1.2 Mbps over the previous quarter.

Taiwan followed with a growth of 16 percent to 4.4 Mbps. China came in third in terms of growth, rising by 11 percent to 1.6 Mbps. While Japan has been listed as having one of the fastest connection speeds, their numbers actually dropped over the last quarter by 2.1 percent. Other countries, such as Australia, Singapore and Thailand also saw their average connection speeds fall between the second and third quarters of 2012. Vietnam saw the largest drop, losing 21 percent in between the two quarters.

These faster speeds have no doubt helped cyber-attackers in Asia, as the report claims nearly half of global attacks came from the this region.

In between July and September of 2012, 33 percent of all cyber attacks originated in China. This is nearly double the amount of attacks from the region in the previous quarter. The US came in second place for cyber-attacks with 13 percent. Russia, Taiwan and Turkey rounded out this list in third, fourth and fifth place, respectively. Attacks from each of these three countries accounted for less than 5 percent of global cyber-attacks.

The Akami report has said this amount of attack traffic from the Asian region is “somewhat surprising,” as many have seen countries such as Russia and Turkey as top areas for such attacks.

According to David Belson, editor of the report, most of the attack traffic from this region targeted a specific Microsoft data base.

“It may have been a flareup in some sort of exploit that is trying to spread,” Belson said in an interview with Bloomberg.