Author Tzu Xander Presents a Simple but Powerful Philosophy of Healing

January 25, 2013

New Book Shares About a Non-Medical, Spiritually Based Philosophy and Practice

(PRWEB) January 26, 2013

Are there new ways to explore and understand what health is all about and what it means to be healthy in this day and age? Author Tzu Xander believes that healing begins and ends and it makes no difference what religion, philosophy, spiritual, and health practice brings people closer to God. But whatever it is, healing must be practiced particularly when sick and disconnected.

The Lightseeding Method, Cellulo-Spiritual Rejuvenation written by Tzu Xander is a book about a non-medical, spiritually based philosophy and practice. At the core of it, is a simple but powerful philosophy in healing. It takes a look at how the cellular body become the divine intelligent medium between the health of the physical self and the source that creates its original blueprint. Historically, some refer to the source as the complete intelligent substance of the universe as within the Hermetic teachings, while others refer to it as God. But Zander purports that the truth of vital health lies within the very DNA of one´s very own existence.

Tzu Xander is a former world-class professional athlete, whose career prematurely ended after he suffered an accident that inevitably required three excruciating back surgeries and eventual hardware in his spine along with 1000s hours of rehab. Through his own focused recovery, education by many leaders in their field, self-discovery, and gathering of his own personal teachings, he creates a cutting-edge, sustainable, new earth health sanctuaries and spiritual centres for natural prevention and control of disease with re-education and fresh practices with Lightseeding at its core.

The Lightseeding Method will illustrate to readers how health equals real wealth and what everyone need has always been within and around. It will help to discover the true ℠essence and the enormous power towards realization of a self-orchestrated optimum health. It will also help readers to reawaken the connection between their physical, metaphysical, and spiritual bodies. Once reconnection is made to the source of that radiant light that hey are born out of, they will be able to restore and reactivate the eir natural and innate healing mechanisms.

Furthermore, health and spiritual practitioners from all walks of life can safely adopt the method in this book as an adjunctive, or stand alone form of prevention and control of disease and as a overall health enhancement guide. It is Xander´s personal gift to those who are ready to learn, accept, receive and share this method of healing for them to experience and enjoy a quality life.

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About the Author

TZU XANDER earned his education over a lifetime of learning culminating in his PhD in Natural Health and Divinity and licensing as a Monastic Doctor of Natural Medicine. LIGHTSEEDING® Cellulo-SpiritualRejuvenation as a practice and soon to be published book was developed over a 10 year period. He is a neuromuscular re-education therapist, licensed professional health counsellor, author and artist who founded two non-profit organizations in the fields of prevention and control of diseases. As the founding minister of “Path of Divine Restoration” and receiving the honour of by being knighted into the ancient Order of the Sovereign Medical Order of Knights Hospitallers/Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, one of his strong motivations are to educate, protectt,he co-creative art form of natural wellness and spiritual health protocols that have been greatly forgotten and are under threat of being lost.

LIGHTSEEDING – A Philosophy in Healing * by TZU XANDER

Cellulo – Spiritual Rejuvenation

Publication Date: January 12, 2013

Trade Paperback; AU$29.99; 213 pages; 978-1-4797-3465-8

Trade Hardback; AU$49.99; 213 pages; 978-1-4797-3466-5

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