Nokia Unveils Music+ Service
January 28, 2013

Nokia Announces Another Music Service In The US

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Last September, Nokia launched a brand new music service in the US (their second time to do so) giving carriers of the newest Lumia access to the service for free.

Blame it on simplicity of use or on their partnership with popular band Green Day, but now Nokia has announced they´ll be giving Lumia users even more music. With Nokia Music+ users are given more options when it comes to how much and what kind of music they will be allowed to listen to.

Nokia is also taking on their competition directly, offering their service for less than Spotify´s premium service and giving its users more control than Pandora. What´s more, though Nokia is offering a paid, premium service, the free service will remain for those not willing to shell out $3.99 every month for their music.

“Nokia Music is great for discovering new music, and we´ve found that there´s a core of users that want even more of it. This is how Nokia Music+ came about,” explained Jyrki Rosenberg, the vice president of entertainment at Nokia in a company blog.

“It´s the only smartphone music service out there offering access to millions of songs out of the box without the need to sign up, sign in, or suffer adverts in between enjoying the music. When you add in the ability to skip songs and save playlists for offline uses like the tube, you have something unique.”

According to the blog, Nokia Music+ not only offers more functionality over plain old Nokia Music, but also delivers music in some significantly better ways than the competition.

For instance, though the free service offers an “unlimited” amount of music, listeners were beholden to whatever music Nokia´s own “expert team of musicologists” saw fit to mix into a playlist. Those wanting to branch away from the musicologists could have a playlist generated based on an artist or genre, but even then, their listening options were  more limited than “unlimited” might lead one to think.

As it is with Pandora, Nokia Music listeners were also limited in the number of skips they were given to avoid particularly annoying songs.

With the new plus service, listeners are given unlimited skips, giving them “extra control” over what they hear.

The new service also allows listeners unlimited downloads, which in turn allows them to play the music without an Internet connection. The free version of Nokia´s streaming service only allows users to download 4 “mixes” at a time. Nokia is also claiming that subscribers of Nokia Music+ will also be able to download their music at ”eight times the existing quality” in addition to setting rules to only download this higher quality music when connected to Wi-Fi, thus potentially saving some costs on the listener's cell phone bill.

Nokia will also deliver lyrics to these Lumia Windows Phones to any listeners willing to pay a monthly subscription. These lyrics can be displayed either in a scrolling list or Karaoke-style, perfect for those little moments in life where it feels like everyone should be singing, but no one knows the words. Nokia has even said they will extend the premium service via a web-app, bringing the music to desktops, smart TVs and other connected devices.

According to Nokia´s company blog, the new service will begin rolling out “in the next few weeks,” and will set users back $3.99 a month, cheaper than Spotify´s $9.99 a month charge for their premium service.