Apple Releases iOS 6.1 Today
January 28, 2013

iOS 6.1 Comes With More LTE Support, Lets You Buy Movie Tickets And Download Single Songs

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

iOS 6.1 has officially landed only days after Apple shipped beta 5 to developers for testing.

The latest version of iOS 6 brings LTE support for more global carriers, allows users to actually buy movie tickets through Siri via Fandango, and even the ability to download a single song in iTunes Match. Phil Schiller took some time to write about the new features in iOS 6.1 in a press statement today, but he couldn´t start without a few words of praise for Apple´s mobile OS.

“iOS 6 is the world´s most advanced mobile operating system, and with nearly 300 million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices on iOS 6 in just five months, it may be the most popular new version of an OS in history,” said Schiller, Apple´s senior vice president of worldwide marketing in a statement.

“iOS 6.1 brings LTE support to more markets around the world, so even more users can enjoy ultrafast Safari browsing, FaceTime video calls, iCloud services, and iTunes and App Store downloads.”

With iOS 6.1, more carriers are able to deliver LTE speeds to their customers´ iPhones in Canada, Finland, Luxembourg and more.

In the US, Apple´s iPhone 5 is now supporting carriers Alaska Communications, Alaska GCI, Bluegrass Cellular, C Spire, Cellcom, and Pioneer Cellular. MTS and Sasktel now have LTE support in Canada, as does T-Mobile in Denmark and Vodacom in South Africa, as well as many other carriers, according to MacRumors. Though Apple has broadened the number of carriers to deliver LTE to their smartphones, these new carriers are only supported by the latest 4th gen iPad and iPad mini. Third gen iPads do not support any of these new carriers.

Next, iOS 6.1 places yet another task on Siri´s ever-strengthening shoulders. Now when you search for the latest show times, Siri gives you the option to buy the tickets right from the search screen, rather than dump you into another app to find this information. This new feature uses Fandango and, to be fair, does dump you into this app once you´ve found your movie and selected your show time. Once there, you´ll be able to plug in your payment information and purchase your movie tickets. Previously Siri would display movie times and theater information, but you´d have to go into Fandango and start the process over again to buy tickets.

The new version of iOS 6 also brings single song downloads with iTunes Match, a much appreciated feature for those with large libraries and little storage space. When iTunes 6 was first released, many iTunes Match users were surprised that the Music app only allowed users to download entire albums from their libraries rather than individual songs. iTunes Match in iOS 6 also took away the ability to manually delete tracks from your iPhone to create space. iTunes Match works just as it did in iOS 5 now, bringing back single track downloads and the ability to delete albums and tracks as well.

Finally, iOS 6.1 brings about some API changes to Apple´s Maps backend as well as improving lock screen music controls and a tweaked Safari experience, reports CNET. The new version of iOS 6 is available now through settings on your device or through iTunes.