New Website isvitaminwatergoodforyou.net Explores Unknown Facts to Answer the Question is Vitamin Water Good for You.

January 28, 2013

Bottled vitamin water is the latest buzz in the beverage industry. Recently launched website Isvitaminwatergoodforyou.net has analyzed its composition and scientific background to figure out is vitamin water good for you?

(PRWEB) January 28, 2013

A new website has just been launched to bring an end to the debate concerning is vitamin water good for you. The website Isvitaminwatergoodforyou.net offers detailed information on what vitamin waters are, their composition, and health benefits, if any at all. It may be recalled that vitamin water has recently gained extreme popularity in the beverage industry. However, most people have little idea about them. Isvitaminwatergoodforyou.net has been launched by well known online marketing firm Internet Marketing Services. In the recent months, this Ontario based organization has introduced several new website to make their presence felt beyond the field of internet based marketing.

In order to know is vitamin water good for you; the foremost requirement is to understand what vitamin water is all about. As the name suggests, vitamin water is distilled water containing certain vitamins, sweeteners, and artificial flavoring agents. The promotional message put across by the manufacturers suggests vitamin water to be a healthier alternative to carbonated soft drinks. However, according to Isvitaminwatergoodforyou.net, the vitamins present in vitamin water are extremely likely to break down due to temperature changes. Moreover, vitamin water contains synthetic sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame that may cause several health issues. The artificial colors and flavors used in vitamin water are also reasons for potential health hazards.

Isvitaminwatergoodforyou.net clearly states that vitamin water can never be the substitute for green vegetables and fruits. Another relevant point mentioned in the website is that vitamins A, D, E, and K are soluble only in fat. Therefore, intake of these vitamins is only effective when they are dissolved in some type of dietary fat. Answering the question is vitamin water good for you, a senior representative from Isvitaminwatergoodforyou.net says, “Unfortunately, vitamin water is nothing close to what it is often projected to be. It is better to look at it as nothing more than yet another soft drink”.

About the Company: Isvitaminwatergoodforyou.net is a new website offering authentic information on vitamin water, revealing whether it has any health benefits at all. This website has been launched recently by well known online marketing firm Internet Marketing Services.


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