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Online Safety Fears Amid Increased Internet Dating Activity

January 29, 2013

GUERNSEY, January 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

It has been reported recently that dating agencies have seen a huge rise in popularity
in the weeks after the Christmas period and a great deal of increased activity. This is
great news for online daters, but internet safety experts advertSAFE
[http://www.advertsafe.com ] are urging users to take extra care when they sign up to
dating sites.

Dating agencies have reportedly seen a 350 per cent increase in traffic in the weeks
after Christmas and it’s easy to see why. The Christmas and New Year periods give people
plenty of time to reflect on what they want out of their love lives and many people take
to dating sites to find partners who share their outlook.

However, the internet is not just a place of great potential when it comes to
connectivity. There are also people out there who will exploit the opportunity for others
to connect more easily, and that’s why it’s such a good idea to take measures to stay safe

This is particularly important in the field of online dating where personal
information is often exchanged quite readily between members looking to strike up a
connection. Most members use dating sites to flirt and send messages before agreeing to
meet up on dates so a lot of information changes hands.

The team at http://www.advertsafe.com encourages people to be vigilant when using
online dating sites and to protect themselves wherever possible. It is possible to use ID
checks in order to verify your identity online and online daters are often given the
chance to operate online with greater confidence when they can see that everyone online is
who they say they are.

advertSAFE specialise in helping internet users verify their identities online with a
view to creating a safer and more transparent online community. The team has already
helped countless members of social networks, dating sites, job search sites and so on to
engage in online activity with greater confidence.


Source: PR Newswire