$400 For PlayStation 4?
February 7, 2013

PlayStation 4 Pricing In Japan Hints At US Pricetag

Enid Burns for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

Details on the much-anticipated PlayStation 4 from Sony are imminent. Some in the US media have spotted details on pricing in Japan, which can indicate what the console could cost stateside. That price tag could be over $400 at the time of launch.

A price in Japanese Yen was originally reported in the Ashai Shimbun. At the time of launch -- which is still unknown -- the PlayStation 4 is expected to exceed 40,000 yen. That converts to roughly $428 USD, and could indicate the price for the US and Europe of around $399 or over $400.

If pricing is correct, it will be lower than the initial sales price of Sony's PlayStation 3. When the console was released in 2006 it cost about 60,000 yen for the more expensive configuration, the Verge detailed. In the US, the price for the same console was $599. The cheapest model PlayStation 3 cost 24,980 yen in Japan and $269 in the US.

It is common knowledge console manufacturers sell consoles at a loss, at least initially. The manufacturer makes money on software licensing fees from video game publishers. The current generation consoles also developed a revenue stream from online subscriptions and micro-transactions for arcade-style games, goods in games, videos and other content.

As the console ages, the cost to produce each console can go down due to the parts it uses. Console manufacturers typically lower the price of each console to continue to promote sales.

There has also been speculation on the type of media the Sony PlayStation 4 will use. It was previously believed Sony scrapped the idea of cloud-based media. However, the Nikkei Business Daily has reported the acquisition of Gaikai, a gaming platform that uses cloud technology, leads some to believe the game console will access games from the cloud. If so, this will require an online subscription. It is still possible Sony will offer games by both cloud and traditional media. And it is expected Sony will reveal those details at its February 20th event.

Details on pricing are still speculative. The Ashai Shimbun also stated details on price, release and hardware would be discussed at an event held by Sony Computer Entertainment in New York on February 20th. Rumors the event was being held to discuss the PlayStation 4 filtered out last week when invitations were received by media.

Sony is expected to share details on the hardware at the February 20th event. Many believe the controller will have a touchpad, though it will have a similar shape to the current Dual Shock 3 controller.

Sony is expected to release the PlayStation 4 game console in time for the 2013 holiday season. It will have to release details on the console soon, which means that the February 20th presentation will likely be the place where details come out. Sony may, however, hold some details back to announce at E3 in June.