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PRIVACY EUROPE Meeting on the EU Regulation in Milan

February 8, 2013

HAMBURG, Germany, February 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

This year, the PRIVACY EUROPE network, founded by the Hamburg company intersoft
consulting services AG, will be inviting its European partners to Milan for a joint start
into the new year.

On 8 and 9 February, privacy officers from Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain,
Italy, Portugal, Romania, and Sweden will come together to debate the current trends
affecting privacy in Europe.

The meeting will concentrate on the planned EU Regulation and the recently published
report by the Euro MP Jan Philipp Albrecht that identifies improvements to privacy laws on
the internet and criticises the transfer of personal details to nonmember countries, e.g.
air passenger data to US authorities. A second set of issues the meeting will be focusing
on will be dealing with the implementation of the Cookie (E-Privacy) Directive in the EU
member states. Passed as early as 2009, this EU Regulation gives the national legislators
a wide scope that, in practice, leads to considerable problems.

“We’re very curious to learn about the views and opinions our network partners will be
representing, and look forward to an open round of discussions,” said Johanna Laas,
specialist in international privacy laws and initiator of PRIVACY EUROPE. “As a
representative of the high privacy level in Germany, we’ll do everything we can to
maintain this standard on the European level as well,” explained Laas.

The PRIVACY EUROPE network has set itself the target of promoting privacy laws in all
EU member states and provides companies with expert contacts on the international level
for privacy, legal, and IT issues applying to each country.

Besides exchanging ideas and information on the EU Regulation, the network partners
will be presenting their own international privacy blog that will go online on 8 February,
precisely on time for the network meeting. At http://www.privacy-europe.com, the blog
will report regularly on international privacy issues.

        For further information please contact:

        Johanna Laas (Lawyer)
        phone: +49(0)40-790235-424
        email: info@privacy-europe.com

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