VoIPReview.org Announces the Top 5 Small Business VoIP Solutions for Best Money Saving Opportunities

February 9, 2013

All business owners want to save money, but it can be hard sometimes to find places to cut cost. However, many small business owners are paying too much for an ill-fitting phone service without even knowing it, so http://www.voipreview.org has announced the top 5 best business VoIP providers that offer flexibility and savings to small businesses.

(PRWEB) February 09, 2013

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers small business lots of opportunities for cost savings. Service plans vary by company, but any company can get a top notch VoIP plan to suit their calling needs in such a way that they can get a plan with the right number of extensions and features to give them all the calling they need for a price they can afford.

Businesses can choose between hosted PBX solutions and SIP trunk solutions depending on their needs. Hosted PBXs are great for small businesses that need a lot of calling capacity for every extension. SIP trunks are great for small businesses with a decent number of extensions that don´t need to do a large amount of outbound calling. Any business VoIP service will offer features that improve workflow and can make a small business seem like a big business. To give businesses a better idea of their options, VoIP Review has announced the best VoIP providers for small businesses:


Nextiva is a business VoIP provider that offers several plans that cater specifically to small businesses. Their hosted PBX service, for example, offers support for as many as 20 phone lines or as few as 1. As the number of lines increases, the monthly rates per line decrease. Nextiva´s Office Pro plan, for example, is $34.95 for a single line, and can be as low as $19.95 per line for 21+ lines.

Along with their hosted PBX options, Nextiva also offers SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking for companies who don´t want a hosted service. A SIP metered plan from Nextiva starts at $14.95/month, while an unmetered plan is $24.95/month.


A service like Jive, on the other hand, is good for businesses that don´t like to be tied down by contracts. Jive offers hosted VoIP service for $29.95 for 1 to 4 lines, and goes down to $19.95 for 50+ lines.


A provider like Vocalocity offers options for both metered and unlimited extensions. This is great for companies with employees with different calling needs. They also offer virtual extensions for remote employees, as well.

For a single metered extension, Vocalocity charges $14.99/month plus a $0.03/minute fee. An unlimited extension, on the other hand, carries a $39.99/month per line fee, but the company does offer multi-line discounts. A virtual extension costs $14.99/month per line.


RingCentral offers a cloud PBX business VoIP solution. For a single extension, a RingCentral plan costs $39.95/month, but plans can go as low as $19.99/month per line for 100 or more extensions.


VoIP.com´s prices per line vary depending on the amount of on-site support businesses would like to receive. For example, a 5-line hosted PBX system from VoIP.com will average about $18.95 for 5 lines or $18.20 for 20. If customer needs premium support the rate goes up to $25.20/line for 5 lines and about $25.95/line for 20 lines.

The company also offers SIP trunking solutions. Their standard SMB Trunk plan, for example, includes 5 ports per trunk and costs $55.00/month. Whereas their largest call center option offers unlimited ports per trunk and costs $400/month

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