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Epiel JSC Presents 200mm Silicon Epitaxial Wafers for Power Electronics

February 13, 2013

MOSCOW and ZELENOGRAD, Russia, February 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

As the global Power Electronics industry is shifting production from 150 to 200 mm
substrates, Epiel JSC introduces to the market 200 mm silicon epitaxial wafers for
discrete power devices.

According to industry analysts Power Electronics is likely to remain one of the most
attractive sectors of semiconductor market in the next few years. Energy efficiency is
gaining more and more emphasis in areas such as hybrid vehicles, industrial motor drives
and PV-inverters for solar power systems. The energy efficiency boom drives sales of power
semiconductors since they are widely used to help reduce energy losses and improve
efficiency. This in turn increases demand for silicon epitaxial wafers which serve as
initial material for power semiconductors manufacturing.

“While new materials such as GaN and SiC are now drawing attention of manufacturers,
silicon epitaxial wafers still remain the core material for power semiconductors
production due to low cost and reliability,” said Epiel’s CEO Vladimir Statsenko. “The
promising GaN and SiC are not yet ready for industrial application. There are
technological challenges and cost issues yet to overcome before these new materials can
reach the mass market.”

Amid the growing demand, shifting production from 150 to 200 mm substrates will help
power semiconductor manufacturers increase efficiency and gain competitive advantage. In
this context the supply of high quality 200 mm silicon epitaxial wafers for power devices
is likely to become one of the key success factors.

About Epiel JSC

Epiel JSC is Russia’s largest manufacturer of silicon epitaxial wafers.

Epiel JSC complies with international ISO quality management standards. The company is
an active member of SEMI – international semiconductor industry association.

Epiel JSC produces a wide range of silicon epitaxial wafers for various standard
applications. The company’s R&D capabilities allow it to develop customized processes to
customer specification and supply non-standard epi products as well.

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