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Defne Blooming With Innovative Solutions in GSMA Mobile World Congress

February 15, 2013

ISTANBUL, February 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Defne as a software solution provider for mobile operators in 35 countries worldwide
presents its new solutions to the Telecom World in GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
between the dates of 25-28 of February in participation of important industry players.

Defne targets to enlarge its market share with new products in the fields of VAS
(Value added Services), messaging, IN (Intelligent Network) solutions by participating to
GSMA Mobile World Congress for the seventh time.

Defne solutions, supporting 16 languages in 35 countries from Middle Asia to Latin
America, are demonstrated in 5C60 stand, 5th hall of the GSMA Mobile World Congress.

Defne will keep pace with the speed of the age…

Defne will present its mobile marketing solutions like Outbound IVR & Campaign
Management Platform, Bulk Messaging Platform, and Social Media Gateway in the exhibition.
The Facebook and Twitter subscribers who do not own even any smart phones will also be
able to use Social Media sites via their mobile phones through Defne’s Social Media
Gateway solution which offers opportunity to leave and receive text and audio messages on
the sites. Through this innovative and assertive service, operators can able to provide
their subscribers submitting to social media sites in rational costs.

Defne will meet to industry representatives in the 5C60 stand, 5th hall of the GSMA
Mobile World Congress with its innovative solutions like Call Signature which presents you
to the called party even if you are not recognized on called subscriber’s phone book.

Defne will also present its Seamless Roamer Callback solution which provides minutes
in rational costs during roaming time period and another innovative solution Auto Callback
which completes unsuccessful calls automatically between calling and called parties when
called number is available to reach.

Defne’s CentrUS Call Centre and MediUS IVR solutions will be presented in the
exhibition as customer-oriented solutions.

Defne will show its assertion in GSMA Mobile World Congress with all the solutions
deployed in 35 countries of the world from Turkey to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan,
Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India,
Switzerland, and Albania.

Caglayan Kent Ergonul, caglayan@addressiletisim.com, +90-533-560-2532


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