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Landmark Reforms in Ukraine Signal Closer Alignment with EU

February 15, 2013

KIEV, Ukraine, February 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Improved data protection measures, a more business-friendly tax regime, and a powerful
new law to combat discrimination are among a raft of reforms which, says the Ukrainian
Government, show it is “matching words with actions” in its drive towards European

2013 has already proven to be a busy year for the Government. This week, the cabinet
adopted a bill aimed at bringing the protection of personal data into line with Council of
Europe guidelines.

“The bill will establish a body that will monitor the observance of legislation in the
field of personal data protection,” a Government spokesman said.

The Government has also approved a draft law, which boosts Ukraine’s existing measures
against discrimination. This area too will now get an independent ombudsman to monitor
progress and guarantee compliance.

And President Viktor Yanukovych has personally instructed Prime Minister Mykola Azarov
to work with businesses to streamline tax collection in Ukraine.

“The instruction is aimed at improving the investment climate in Ukraine and
establishing a constant constructive dialog between government institutions and business
representatives,” the spokesman said.

Common to all these reforms is a resolve to reform the Ukrainian Government and the
economy in line with European standards. It’s a timely reminder of the country’s
commitment to completing the Association Agreement (AA) with the EU, which it hopes to
sign in November. The AA is the first step towards full EU membership.

“This is about matching words with action,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

“In recent years we have overhauled our tax code, made Ukraine a better destination
for investors and, as these latest measures show, we are making it a fairer place for all

“It doesn’t help that we have a US$7 billion bill from Russia for gas we haven’t used.
That’s a legacy of the poor business dealings of the previous Government, but something we
just have to live with,” the Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

On February 25, Yanukovych will attend the EU-Ukraine Summit in Brussels, which will
also focus on Ukraine’s advancement to the Association Agreement. He is expected to be
questioned on the issue of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, but he also wants the
EU to hear about Ukraine’s on-going reform agenda.

This is set to include further law reform, the reform of the Police and the
establishment of a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the EU.

SOURCE Ukraine Monitor

Source: PR Newswire