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New Automated Access Alert Feature Activated On The HomeNetTM Intelligent Router, From Mesh Networks

February 15, 2013

HOUSTON, Feb. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Mesh Networks announces the HomeNetTM and BizNetTM Intelligent Router now not only allows consumers to customize their home network’s bandwidth settings per device, it will also allow consumers to receive automated alerts when a device connects or disconnects from their home or small business network.

“Automated alerts can be set up to notify when a user has connected or disconnected from their network,” said Richard O. Heath, VP of Operations, Mesh Networks. “Alerts notify a parent via text or email when a device such as a smart phone or other device connects or disconnects. Additionally, when new devices request access – alerts are sent to the network administrator. For the small business owner, unsurpassed visibility and control into ones network can greatly increase productivity.”

“The HomeNetTM Intelligent Router will be released with many first to market capabilities that consumers have never been able to do before. It allows consumers to customize their home network’s bandwidth settings per device either in real time or by using priority schedules. The HomeNetTM Router will allow consumers to fine tune their home or small business networks based on their needs. Viewing Internet usage, setting device priority levels and controlling the network from any location using any connected device, network administrators have unparalleled access to their home or small business networks with the new HomeNetTM Router. In addition, to ensure safe and appropriate Internet access, you can enable website tracking.” Mr. Heath went on to say in conclusion, “With the activation of what we call “Notifications,” Mesh Networks has just raised the bar in home and small business network management and bandwidth optimization to a whole new level.”

The HomeNetTM Router was developed to provide for the consumer what The Mesh Networks has been providing for business since 2005; intelligent bandwidth optimization. More feature information is available at homenetrouter.com. Release is set for second quarter, 2013.

For more information – contact (855) 855-6374 or E-mail at info@homenetrouter.com

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Source: PR Newswire