Sony's Next-Generation PlayStation 4 To Add Touch, Motion
February 15, 2013

Sony’s Next-Generation PlayStation 4 To Add Touch, Motion

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Late last month, Sony began sending out invites to a PlayStation-themed event to be held on February 20 in New York City. With their current model getting on in years (released in 2006) and rumors of a new Microsoft Xbox console on the horizon, many quickly assumed Sony will finally announce the long-awaited PlayStation 4 at this event.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed these suspicions, saying Sony was looking to beat Microsoft to the punch.

Further fueling the hype-machine are new images which have emerged of the alleged new controllers for the upcoming PlayStation 4.

The controller in these images very closely resembles the existing PlayStation DualShock controller, complete with a directional pad on the left, 4 shape buttons on the right and 2 analog sticks in the middle. There are two very distinct features on this controller which makes it stand out, however. A blank space rests dead and center of this controller, sending many sites to believe Sony will finally be adding touch ability to their console. Given their touch-centric PlayStation Vita handheld device, many have been looking to the PlayStation 4 to be the first to bring this kind of input directly to their flagship console.

Some enthusiastic gamers have even been trading mockups of what this new controller could look like. Some of these mockups place the touch screen to the middle and top of the device, as is seen in the new leaked photo posted on Destructoid, and some have predicted these touch panels would replace the analog sticks.

The supposed leaked image could be the first glimpse of a real PlayStation 4 controller seen, though Destructoid is now saying this real photo is of an early prototype and may not resemble the final, shipping product.

Also of interest on this leaked prototype is a strip of blue light which resembles that found on Sony´s Move motion-sensing controllers. This could mean that Sony is looking to add three kinds of input on one controller: Classic analog style, motion and touch.

While gamers have long been awaiting the release of the PlayStation 4, those who play the stock market are especially looking for Sony to release something groundbreaking and new. Apple and other mobile leaders have ushered in a new revolution in gaming. Cheap games on a device which most people already carry in their pockets is quickly becoming the choice of many, with only dedicated gamers looking to purchase a separate console and expensive titles.

Given their slumping television sales, analysts and stock holders alike are hoping a boost in PlayStation sales could help the slumping company along.

According to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter: "Sony refuses to acknowledge they don´t have a market like they had 20 years ago.”

“They´re desperately clinging to the notion they can get it back,” said Pachter, speaking to Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Though Sony hasn´t explicitly said if they´ll be releasing the new PlayStation 4 during their February 20 event, a teaser video and their acknowledgement that they´ll be talking about “PlayStation business” suggests that we´ll hear a release date very soon.