Is Samsung Also Making A Smartwatch?
February 15, 2013

Pictures Emerge Sparking Rumors Of Samsung Smartwatch

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Somehow it only seems fitting for a Samsung rumor to make its way into a stream of Apple rumors, especially concerning a new product line. Tech pundit and news sites have been abuzz with rumors of Apple´s new iWatch following two recent reports from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

As the Internet divides itself into the “will they” or “won´t they” camps, SlashGear has discovered some screenshots of what they say appears to be a Samsung smart watch. These screenshots have been pulled from a Korean message board which SlashGear says was busy discussing how such a watch could fit into the future market, especially if Apple plans to release their own watch soon. This rumored device could have its own place in the Samsung Galaxy line and is being called the Galaxy Altius.

According to SlashGear, this isn´t the first time this name has surfaced in the rumor mills. Before these pictures emerged, it was assumed that the Altius name referred to the upcoming Galaxy S IV. The device in these screen shots also appears to be connected to a wireless network, leading some to believe that it might even require a data plan. The screen shots also have an Android-esque look to them, but just as the UI for the iPod Nano only looks like iOS, these screenshots could depict software that only superficially resembles Android.

As these are leaked images of a device which may or may not even exist, it´s difficult to draw any conclusions. However, if these pictures are in fact real, then it looks as if the new Samsung gadget could have the ability to play music, check mail and possibly use GPS to give directions. One of the screenshots shows icons suggesting each of these functions, while another shot simply displays the time, as any normal watch would.

The Galaxy Altius name appears on nearly all of these screen shots along with connectivity and battery indicator icons. It is also assumed that this device will feature a touch-screen display. According to SlashGear, who first found the pictures, each of these images are 500 by 500 pixels, though they aren´t completely certain about this resolution, as these images didn´t come straight from the alleged device.

For whatever the reason, technophilic nerds around the world have been enamored with the idea of communicating to one another by way of a smallish square on our wrists since at least the days of Dick Tracy. Now that technology is finally catching up to our imaginations and desires, these watches are becoming the talk of the technological town.

There were a few very good options shown off at this year´s CES, the most notable being the COOKOO and Pebble watches. Each of these watches works with a smartphone to connect to the outside world and act as more of a small notification center than a direct connection. As it stands, Apple´s rumored iWatch is every bit as real as this purported Samsung Galaxy Altius watch and is expected to deliver notifications as well as send messages and place phone calls, all via bluetooth.