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JoikuSpeed Unveiled

February 18, 2013

BARCELONA, Spain, February 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Joikusoft Oy Ltd. [http://www.joiku.com ], creator of JoikuSpot [http://www.joiku.com
] mobile app with more than 6 million users, today announces a new member in the Joiku
product family called JoikuSpeed [http://www.joikuspeed.com ].

JoikuSpeed is a free web service that lets you easily discover the Speediest Mobile
Internet Operator in Your Location. Using the service is easy with an intuitive map user

JoikuSpeed shows the average user evidenced actual mobile internet speeds by operators
in the selected location on a map. Speed evidences originate from actual mobile users,
worldwide, from hundreds of thousands of cell sites.

JoikuSpeed has already been welcomed by early adopters. 50.000 speed rank queries were
made during the first week after opening the service by users from all over the world.
According to our user feedback survey, more than 80% of users state that the service is
highly useful, and more than 75% state that they recommended JoikuSpeed to a friend or
shared the speed rank result in social media. More than 90% state that mobile internet
speed is highly important criterion in their mobile operator selection.

JoikuSpeed is evolving fast, and Joiku is getting great feedback from service users.
The most wanted new feature in JoikuSpeed is the mobile JoikuSpeed app. Joiku is happy to
also announce that we are listening to our users and have started development of
JoikuSpeed mobile app for selected smartphone platforms. We welcome your feedback via the
JoikuSpeed web feedback form
[https://docs.google.com/a/joikusoft.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dE1adGhWRlJzekxBeHVMSi1NMzd0X1E6MQ#gid=0 ]

Tom Ojala, CEO and Founder of Joikusoft, states: “Joiku is extremely happy that the
users have so warmly welcomed our new Joiku product family member. We are constantly
working to bring useful solutions to the market and broaden our Joiku product portfolio.
Pretty soon we shall also announce another new, highly social and useful mobile app to
extend the Joiku product portfolio further. Stay tuned for new product launches at our
official web site Joiku.com [http://www.joiku.com ].”

Joiku wishes to welcome everyone to visit the new JoikuSpeed web service at
Joikuspeed.com [http://www.joikuspeed.com ]. JoikuSpeed also has a dedicated JoikuSpeed
Facebook site [http://www.facebook.com/joikuspeed ]. JoikuSpeed web service works with
normal web browsers, tablet browsers and most mobile phone browsers.

About Joikusoft

Joikusoft is a software innovation house from Finland, mostly known for its
pioneership in the area of WiFi tethering and mobile WiFi HotSpot software app JoikuSpot.
Company web site is http://www.joiku.com.

Press Contact: CEO, Tom Ojala, tom.ojala(at)joikusoft.com, Twitter @joikusoft
[http://www.twitter.com/joikusoft ]

SOURCE Joikusoft Oy Ltd.

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