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Paulin Security Launches Unique Security Cash Handling System, ClosedCash

February 19, 2013

STOCKHOLM, February 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

The Swedish security company Paulin Security [http://www.paulinsecurity.com ] will
launch its new, unique and more intelligent security cash handling system at the retail
technology fair EuroCIS [http://www.eurocis.com ].

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Since the establishment of the company in 1987, Paulin Security has a strong footprint
in Scandinavia and has built a solid customer base. With customers such as H&M, 7-Eleven
and McDonald’s, the intention is to continue the growth of the company by expanding into

“Our product portfolio has made us a leading supplier of cash handling systems and
will now be complemented with a new line of products, ClosedCash
[http://paulinsecurityen.odp.se/pages.aspx?r_id=143726 ]“, says Bjorn Paulin founder and
CEO of Paulin Security. “ClosedCash was first presented to customers at a McDonald’s event
in Monaco in November 2011. The interest shown at that event encouraged us to develop
ClosedCash. Now, one-and-a-half year later, we are ready to launch ClosedCash. ClosedCash
has been tested and approved by customers in Scandinavia”.

Scandinavia is on the forefront of cash handling in so-called closed cash systems.
Those systems simplify cash handling administration and at the same time lessens the
likelihood of losses and robberies. Paulin Security is now participating in this
development with its unique system ClosedCash. ClosedCash offers different levels of
solutions going from basic solutions to more complete solutions, all in order to suit
retailers special needs and routines. What makes ClosedCash so unique is the ease with
which you install and manage the product. This solution and price makes it the most
economical alternative on the market. ClosedCash is the new, more intelligent way of
managing your money!

“The product development of ClosedCash is, along with the current European expansion,
the largest investment Paulin Security has made to date. Both initiatives are being
demonstrated at EuroCIS, where Paulin Security showcase its comprehensive product
portfolio which enables efficient physical cash management”, says Hakan Wretsell,
responsible for the European expansion and press contact.

A leader in efficient and secure cash management solutions.

Paulin Security is a leading supplier of physical cash management solutions with
customers like H&M, McDonald`s and 7-Eleven. Paulin Security’s solutions cover all aspects
of in- store cash management. It does not matter if the challenge is time, accounting,
internal or external security; Paulin Security has the solution! Paulin Security was
founded in 1987 and since then has developed cash handling solutions together with its
customers. http://www.paulinsecurity.com


Between the 8th and the 11th of November 2011, McDonald’s Nordic held their annual
convent in Monaco. Paulin Security was invited as a key supplier to present its product
portfolio and to present different cash handling solutions. Paulin Security also presented
a completely new product idea, ClosedCash. With this product, Paulin Security intends to
enter the market of so-called closed cash systems. These closed cash systems are now being
introduced in Europe but are very costly. Paulin Security’s solution is planned to be more
economical and easier to install than the systems currently being offered on the market.

        Hakan Wretsell



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