PlayStation 4 Rumored To Be Revealed Tonight
February 20, 2013

Sony Rumored To Be Unveiling PlayStation 4 Console This Evening

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

While fans have been eagerly waiting for many years, their excitement is nearing fever pitch as Sony is expected to unveil the next line of PlayStation consoles this evening: The PlayStation 4.

Though they may have decided to change the name, it´s very widely expected Sony will keep with their naming tradition and make this new console the next in a numerical order.

Rumors about this new device really began to pick up steam earlier this month as members of the press began receiving invitations to a big event in New York to be held today. Even here Sony has been less than forthcoming, only saying they plan to talk about “the PlayStation business,” which could mean anything from a new console to a lower priced Vita handheld system or even an introduction of upcoming games.

Sony posted also a bit of a trailer video on their blog for something related to PlayStation, inviting fans to “See the Future,” as well as tagging it with #PlayStation2013.

The big event will take place in New York this evening at 6 p.m. EST.

So far the 2 biggest rumors about this alleged Sony PlayStation 4 concern the controller and the components inside the console.

Last week, some images of what´s been reported as the new DualShock controller were leaked online and brought to light by For the most part, this leaked controller design very closely resembles the existing DualShock controller which the world is familiar with: Two handles, 4 directional buttons on the left side, 4 shape buttons on the right and 2 analog paddles below and in the center.

The leaked images reveal that the basic shape and design could remain intact, save for a few changes which got everyone talking.

There´s now what appears to be a touch pad located in the center of the controller which some believe could give gamers a Vita-like experience. Sony´s handheld features a touch pad on the back of the device, allowing gamers to maneuver through their games with both thumbs on top and index and middle fingers on the bottom. This touch pad will work more like a touch pad on a laptop rather than a touch screen display that displays images.

So far, the most peculiar aspect of this rumored controller is a multicolored bar sitting on top and to the front. By anyone´s best guess, this could be a motion sensor similar to Sony´s Move controllers. These controllers look like wands with glowing orbs on the end and control the games through motion, similar to Nintendo´s Wiimote.

This could mean that Sony is looking to add three kinds of input on one controller: Classic analog style, motion and touch.

The supposed leaked image could be the first glimpse of a real PlayStation 4 controller seen, though Destructoid has said this real photo is of an early prototype and may not resemble the final, shipping product.

Finally, Kotaku claims the new PlayStation will be quite impressive by way of tech specs. Those development kits which are floating around right now are stocked with 8 GB of system memory and 2.2 GB of video memory. They´re also powered by 4x Dual-Core AMD64 "Bulldozer” CPUs and an AMD R10xx GPU.

There´s also 4 USB 3.0 slots, 2 Ethernet or ports, a 160 GB hard drive and, of course, a Sony Blu-Ray player all built in.

All could be revealed this evening once Sony kicks off their main event. While they´re expected to unveil this new console today, it´s likely the thing won´t be available until the 2013 holiday season. That is, unless they chose to jump the gun and beat their competitors to the punch with an early release.