PlayStation 4 Announced, But Not Seen
February 21, 2013

PlayStation 4 Announced, But Not Seen

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Two hours, several game demos and lots of technical talk later, we´re left with nearly as many questions about the Sony PlayStation 4 than before the latest Sony event started. Sony did acknowledge the existence of the new console and even mentioned plans to sell it to the public. But little more was mentioned about the device itself. All that was given was a vague release date (holidays 2013), some internal specs and a glimpse of the new controller. Sony did not show what the console will look like and never said a word about specific pricing. On the whole, they left plenty of holes in their two-hour presentation which they´ll almost certainly have to fill at the E3 2013 conference this summer in Los Angeles.

What Sony did announce, however, are some of the PS4´s new online features like sharing and social as well as a faster suspend/resume process and even a second screen app for Android and iOS.

The Japan-based multinational corporation didn´t shock anyone with the new game console´s spec sheet: The PS4 will be loaded with an AMD Jaguar CPU, 8 GB of RAM, a built-in hard drive, both USB 3.0 and Ethernet ports, a faster Blu-ray reader and a 3D camera. The PlayStation 4 Eye camera consists of 2 1200 x 800 cameras and will bring motion and voice tracking to the gaming console similar to features already seen in the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360. Sony said the PlayStation 4 Eye camera will have a wider field of view, therefore tracking more people at one time.

Sony also failed to mention specific sizes for the internal hard drives.

The newly announced DualShock 4 controller also failed to surprise anyone who has been following the rumor mill. Just as expected, the new controller will make use of motion and touch technology with an integrated touch pad and light bar like those found on the PlayStation Move controllers. The DualShock 4 controller will also add sharing capabilities, giving gamers the chance to record footage from their current game and share it via the PlayStation Network or other social sites. Gamers will also be able to watch their friends play in real time and more.

“You can see that your friend is in trouble and reach out over the network to take over for them,” explained Mark Cerny, a popular game developer and lead system architect for the Sony PlayStation 4.

The new PlayStation 4 will also allow gamers to stream and play older games, although it will not natively support games made for older consoles. The new console will also let gamers try out a game before purchasing it as well as suggest their favorite games to their friends.

Finally, Sony also announced a new second screen app for Android and iOS which will act as a companion to the games being played on the PlayStation 4. Not to be confused with the existing PlayStation Official app, this new addition will enhance the gaming experience for both the player and the spectator. Players will be able to see different views and have access to more information in the game they´re playing. For instance, gamers can use this app to look at maps or stats from the game, similar to Microsoft´s SmartGlass feature. When gamers press the share button on the DualShock controller, their friends will be able to look over their shoulder with this app and follow their game play. This new app will also act as a gateway to the PlayStation Store. Gamers can visit the store while away from their console and, presumably, buy a game on the road and have it downloaded and ready by the time they arrive at home.