Google Update Chrome Browser For iOS And Android Users
March 5, 2013

Chrome Update Adds Speed, Search And Sharing Features For Android, iOS Users

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Google launched an update to its Chrome mobile browser on Monday, giving Android users a faster and more responsive experience while improving the search and sharing features for iPhone and iPad users.

Security improvements and bug fixes were included in both versions of the update.

“Speed is critical, especially when you´re on the go. With the latest version of Chrome for Android, you can scroll and fling to view all of your favorite web pages with even more speed and ease,” wrote Google´s software engineers in a blog post announcing the update.

“Based on the latest version of the V8 Javascript engine, now optimized for mobile, we have improved the Octane performance benchmark by 25 percent on average since our previous update. This means that interactions within web pages in the browser are snappier.”

The Chrome for Android update also adds expanded support for HTML5 features such as CSS Filters, which should result in better mobile websites in the future, Google said.

For iOS users, Google has improved the search and sharing options, adding a new "share" button that sends pages directly to Google+, Gmail, Mail, Messages, Facebook or Twitter.

The update also adds a history feature in which users can hold and press the “back” button on any page to see a list of previously visited pages.

The search capability has also been improved by making search terms entered into the Omnibox appear as themselves, rather than a long, difficult-to-read URL.

“Now you can see your search term in the omnibox, instead of the long search URL. This will help you refine search queries and view more content on the results page,” Google said.

However, Google said this feature would be rolled out in the coming weeks, meaning users may not see it immediately after upgrading.

The Chrome updates are now available for download on Google Play and in the App Store.

Separately, Google patched 10 vulnerabilities in Chrome on Monday in an update for the Windows and Linux versions of the browser.

The company said it fixed 10 flaws: six of them ranked as "high," the No. 2 threat ranking.  Of the remaining vulnerabilities, three were marked as "medium" and one as "low."

The patch, which further hardens Chrome, comes just two days before the start of Pwn2Own, Google´s hacking contest that will award $100,000 to the first researcher to break the current version of Chrome.

The challenge begins March 6 at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The 2013 edition of the contest will offer a record $560,000 in potential prize monies to hackers who demonstrate exploits of previously-unknown vulnerabilities in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, or the Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash or Java plug-ins.  The prizes will be weighted according to the anticipated difficulty of each hack.

Three independent researchers, who received a total of $5,000 from Chrome´s bug bounty program, reported four of the ten vulnerabilities addressed in Monday´s Chrome patch.  Google said it has paid out $15,500 in bounties so far this year.