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Launching Today: Thingsquare Mist Connects the Internet of Things

March 12, 2013

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Internet of Things pioneer Thingsquare today released the open source code for the
Thingsquare Mist firmware, for a number of hardware platforms from leading global
semiconductor manufacturers STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI).
Thingsquare Mist connects battery-powered wireless microcontrollers to the Internet,
allowing product manufacturers to quickly connect products such as smart lightbulbs and
home appliances to smartphone apps and database backends. Thingsquare Mist is used in a
number of products in the connected home, smart lighting, and smart cities markets.

Thingsquare Mist builds on open Internet standards, such as IPv6, RPL, and 6lowpan.
The key innovation behind Thingsquare Mist is the exceptionally lightweight router
software, which connects an IPv6 mesh to the Internet in less than 4 kilobytes of memory.
The launch source code has support for TI’s CC2538 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 SoC, and CC1101 and
CC1120 sub-GHz transceivers with TI’s MSP430 microcontroller as well as the SPIRIT1
sub-GHz transceiver on the STM32L microcontroller platform from STMicroelectronics.

“With Thingsquare Mist, our customers can bring true Internet connectivity to a wide
variety of lighting, home automation and smart city products,” said Oyvind Birkenes,
general manager, Wireless Connectivity Solutions, TI. “Combined with scalable solutions
including the CC2538 802.15.4 SoC and CC1101 or CC1120 sub-1 GHz transceivers with TI’s
MSP430 MCU, we believe that the Thingsquare Mist software platform will propel the
Internet of Things market with simplified and robust solutions.”

“Thingsquare Mist allows SPIRIT1-based sub-GHz wireless sensor node applications to be
quickly connected to the Internet”, said Marcello San Biagio, High End Analog and RF
Business Unit Director at STMicroelectronics. “Combining long range in both indoor and
outdoor systems with a very low power consumption, the SPIRIT1 radio transceiver in tandem
with Thingsquare Mist sets to advance Internet of Things in home and building automation,
smart metering, security systems, and industrial control.”

“We are proud to release the source code for Thingsquare Mist”, said Adam Dunkels,
chief architect and co-founder of Thingsquare. “TI’s CC2538, C1101 and CC1120 as well as
the ST SPIRIT1 give Thingsquare Mist users four excellent platforms to choose from when
building Thingsquare Mist-based products.”

The Thingsquare Mist open source code is available for download from the Thingsquare
website. Thingsquare Mist-compatible hardware kits and reference designs will be
available. Thingsquare sells subscription to Thingsquare Mist source code updates, custom
Thingsquare Mist-based software solutions, and a range of training options for Thingsquare
Mist users.

About Thingsquare

Thingsquare is the leading provider of open-source software for the Internet of
Things. Founded in 2012 with the aim to simplify the Internet of Things, Thingsquare
provides software for Internet-connecting products in a wide range of applications in
smart lighting, smart cities and smart buildings. For more information, visit


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