Colin Powell’s Facebook Page Hacked
March 12, 2013

Hackers Litter Colin Powell’s FB Page With Incendiary Anti-Bush Posts

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

So far, 2013 has been the year of cyberattacks, leaving many companies and services hacked and much personal information breached. A recently popular attack is the Facebook/Twitter hack, which involves breaking into a person´s account (often a celebrity or high profile company) and posting all sorts of offensive statements, often in all caps. It´s the modern-day equivalent of spray painting expletives onto company walls, it seems, and even former Secretary of State Colin Powell isn´t immune.

Yesterday, “Powell” began posting some updates to his Facebook account, leading Adrian Chen of Gawker to quip “Either Colin Powell was hacked or he has had a sudden change of heart about George W. Bush.”

The insensitive and offensive posts have since been deleted, but Gawker still has three of them posted on their website. According to the tabloid-ish Smoking Gun, the same hacker who recently broke into George W. Bush´s email and stole some very private information is also responsible for hacking into Colin Powell´s Facebook account.

Whoever the hacker was, they used Mr. Powell´s Facebook account to accuse George W Bush of wearing a Ku Klux Klan hat, then later called Bush, Powell and the “Rockfelles” "A** Holes” before saying they would all “burn in hell.”

A third update commanded an unknown “whoever you are” not to delete the mispunctuated and misspelled posts.

Not long after the posts had been put up on Powell´s Facebook wall, mediators were able to wrest control from the hacker (or hackers) and restore order to the four-star General´s page.

A new update on Powell´s page reads: “Dear Friends, I'm happy to report that the hacking problem has been fixed. We have been working with fb this morning and they took immediate action to remedy the situation.”

Last month, a wealth of information about George W Bush and his family was dumped online as the result of a hack, including private emails, phone numbers, security codes and even some handmade paintings from the 43rd president himself.

These paintings were self-portraits of Bush, depicting him in the bathtub, taking a shower and even attending church. This attack also uncovered the phone numbers as well as email and home addresses of dozens of Bush family members.

Some of these emails included correspondence between the younger Bush and Fox News reporter Brit Hume. One email also included the security gate code to the house of a Bush family member.

Though of a larger profile than most others, neither the Bush nor the Powell attacks are isolated incidents and instead are a part of a rash of hacks in recent months.

Last month, Twitter confirmed that it had been the victim of “sophisticated” attacks to gain access to some 250,000 users´ accounts. Had these attacks been successful, the hackers would have been able to gain access to user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords.

Twitter began sending out emails to all users who they believed were targeted in this attack, asking them to change their password to a strong and unique password which will be even more difficult to decrypt. These emails were sent out about a week after several big-name companies, including Burger King and Jeep, had their accounts hacked.