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Morandi Tappeti Takes Market Share Trough Online Marketing

March 13, 2013

MILAN, March 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

A family company that runs over 3 generations proudly announces good news during these
time of crisis in Italy. With an incredibly growth YoY in clients the crisis does not seem
to effect this company. One of the reasons for this positive trend in a difficult market
place is the fact that the Morandi family understood the importance of having a stable and
on going presence before its competitors.

Mr Morandi, CEO of http://www.moranditappeti.it says:

“I understood back in the end of the 90′s that Internet where to become the new AAA
spot for any business and our company was actually one of the first in the country selling
Persian carpets online (tappeti persiani [http://www.moranditappeti.it ]). Back then of
course the feedback was poor as people in Italy where skeptical against buying carpets
online, especially since our carpets are in the upper segment. In the last 5 years things
have changed and most of our contact and clients pass trough the Internet and our website
even though most of the times the actually transactions are done offline”.

In 2012 the Morandi family took the decision to increase its presence online and they
hired the Swedish company Optimized Group to assist them with their activities online.

Regarding this collaboration Mr Lindahl, CEO of Optimized Group comments:

“Working with Fabio Morandi is a great pleasure and the intensity and enthusiasm he
shows for online marketing is very rare in his kind of business, no day is the other
alike. Mr Morandi has very high expectations and we need to be on our toes 24/7 in order
to keep up with him. This is however a good thing for us since it forces us to raise our
standards above the benchmark in the industry”.

This is Morandi Tappeti

A family run company with base in Italy that sells luxury carpets online and offline.
Its ambition is to become the top of mind actor on the Italian, Swiss and German market
within the next 5 years.

This is Optimized Group

A multinational agenzia web marketing milano [http://www.optimizedgroup.it ] with
Swedish roots. They offer a full spectrum service and it is considered to be top segment
in the industry. The company has offices in Milano, Gothenburg and London.

        For more information please contact:
        Morandi Tappeti, Fabio Morandi

For more information please contact: info@optimizedgroup.it

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