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Algo-Logic Systems CEO Dr. John Lockwood to Introduce Gateware Defined Networking® (GDN) including 100 Gbps Search Engine Cores at the Ethernet Summit 2013

March 14, 2013

Company to demonstrate 2nd Generation TSE Search Engine Cores and TKG Sensor System in their Booth #208

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Algo-Logic Systems, a recognized leader in providing hardware-accelerated, deterministic, real-time, ultra-low-latency packet processing, accelerated finance, and embedded systems, announces that Dr. John Lockwood, CEO of Algo-Logic Systems, will be introducing Gateware Defined Networking® (GDN) as a Panelist on the subject titled: “FPGA-Based Search Acceleration for Big Data Networks,” at the upcoming Ethernet Summit 2013 at the Santa Clara Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, CA., on Wednesday, April 03, 2013 at 3:10 PM (PDT).

Presentation Abstract: FPGA-Based Search Acceleration for Big Data Networks using GDN:
In this session, attendees will learn about Gateware Defined Networking® search technologies for Software Defined Networking and accelerating Big Data via High Speed Ethernet. GDN combines the benefits of programmability with wire-speed packet processing. GDN is defined as programmable logic in a network system providing ultra-low-latency (sub-usec), 100% deterministic, high throughput processing of (100 Gbps+) Ethernet and Internet protocol (IP) packets.

Intended Audience:
All Communications and networking equipment design engineers, storage designers, engineering managers, hardware designers, embedded software engineers, product marketing managers, marketing managers, network engineers, performance analysts, IT managers, data center engineers and all senior managers are welcome to attend.

Booth Location #208: Please visit Algo-Logic Systems at booth #208 to get more information on our new, 2(nd) generation Ternary Search Engine (TSE-2) soft IP core and Techo Kardio Graph (TKG) Rackmount system. The TSE-2 core accelerates lookup for packets and flow matching at 100 GbE rates for Software Defined Networks (SDN), data-centers, big-data environments, virtualized cloud-computing systems, OpenFlow and other high performance networks. The TKG Rackmount system deterministically measures, monitors and processes big-data in real-time from sensors in buildings, bridges, automation equipment, chemical plants, wind turbines, piers, dams, pipelines, tunnels, underground mines, power plants, communication towers, and oil & gas rigs.

About Algo-Logic Systems:
Algo-Logic Systems is a recognized leader and developer of short time-to-market gateware libraries for Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices used in packet processing in datacenters, mobile embedded hardware systems and accelerated finance. In addition, it also has extensive experience building routers, data center switches and customized network processing system solutions in FPGA/ASIC/SoC logic.

About The Ethernet Summit 2013:
Ethernet Technology Summit focuses on the use of Ethernet throughout the networking space. The Ethernet Summit 2013 occurs on April 2-4 at the Santa Clara Marriott Hotel, 2700 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA. 95954. Key topics this year include software-defined networking (SDN) and Open-Flow, 40/100/400 GbE, convergence, cloud computing, virtualization, big data, and high-performance networks.

Details are on-line at: http://www.ethernetsummit.com/

Contacts: call (408) 707-3747
Please visit the company website at: www.algo-logic.com
For Pricing and Product Info contact: Info@algo-logic.com

** Gateware Defined Networking® is a registered trademark of Algo-Logic Systems, Inc.

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