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Banks Now Able to Enrich their Consumer Banking Offerings with New Online and Mobile Banking Range of Products from Misys

March 24, 2013

DUBAI, UAE, March 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Misys BankFusion Digital Channels enables banks to stay ahead of competitors

by improving products and services across all channels

At the ‘Misys MENA Market Forum 2013
[http://www.misys.com/events/middle-east-north-africa-market-forum-2013.aspx ]‘ today Misys
is announcing its new innovative range of online and mobile banking products, Misys
BankFusion Digital Channels, which significantly enhances the way banks provide products
and services via the Internet or mobile devices.

Misys BankFusion Digital Channels comprises a range of proven and mature modules
covering online banking, mobile banking, personal financial management and Internet
brokerage, which enable banks to extend their services and add more value to their
customers. The innovative solution enables banks to keep up to date with the changing
needs of consumers. It allows banks to provide a better digital service all the time and
allows them to optimise their costs, as customers migrate from transacting in branches to
banking via digital channels.

“Today’s retail banking customers want to take control of their money,” states Alex
Bray, Retail Channel Manager at Misys. “People need to have access to banking services on
the go, at any time of day, wherever they are. They demand solutions that make it simpler
to pay bills or transfer funds and allow them to manage their money so they can plan
better for the future and save more. We continually ensure we are providing our customers
with the best products and support so they can meet their customers’ increasing appetite
for online banking services and we’re delighted to be able to launch Misys BankFusion
Digital Channels to meet this need.”

The new digital channels offering from Misys helps banks change and manage their
channel strategies more effectively and more rapidly. Banks will now be able to ward off
the threat of competitors and cope with the increasing pressures from more sophisticated
consumers wanting to use the latest technology. Customers are more likely to have mobile
devices and access to the Internet and Wifi and mobile web is more available than ever,
making it vital to put digital at the heart of a multi-channel strategy.

Alex Bray adds, “Customers want to be offered relevant products that they can buy with
the minimum amount of effort. They want seamless integration between online devices and
channels and innovative propositions that have a fresh, clear design, incorporating
innovative concepts such as gamification and the best use of social media.”

BankFusion Digital Channels will be available pre-integrated within Misys BankFusion
Universal Banking, Equation, and Midas applications and as a standalone offering to legacy
banking systems on the market.

Misys BankFusion Digital Channels is powered by the multi-award winning IND Group
(http://www.indgroup.eu/en/who-we-are/awards), which has delivered value through its
solutions to banks throughout the world including Raiffeisen, Unicredit, Riyadh Bank and
Intesa Sanpaolo. IND’s proven technology has made it possible for banks to improve their
customer experience through mobile and online channels. The company has had great success
in enabling these banks to very quickly increase the number of customers accessing
services and performing transactions. IND’s customers have been able to more than double
the number of people accessing its services through digital channels within only a few
months of implementing the technology because of the enhanced user experience and value it
brings to the consumer.

About Misys

Misys is at the forefront of the financial software industry, providing the broadest
portfolio of banking, treasury, trading and risk solutions available on the market. With
1,800 customers in 120 countries our team of domain experts and partners have an
unparalleled ability to address industry requirements at both a global and local level.

Misys is able to address all customer requirements across both the banking and trading
book businesses. Misys is the trusted partner that financial services organisations turn
to for help solving their most complex problems.

Find out more at http://www.misys.com [outbind://35/www.misys.com ]

About IND Group

IND Group provides innovative best-in-class digital banking technology for financial
institutions. The key differentiator of our banking and payments solutions is the deep
focus on customer experience and enhanced sales capabilities. Web 2.0 services today, like
social networks or mobile apps have raised the expectations of customers – towards banks
as well. We help the financial community to answer these expectations with IND Banking
Front-office technology based products, which were designed using data visualization,
simplification of banking language and extensive usability testing. Our technology makes
our clients capable to fulfil the major digital banking business goals: multiplying the
number of transactions, reinforce online sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

IND was the first vendor to implement gamification tools into online banking, creating
a unique Personal Finance Manager and Planner solution that received an outstanding
reception worldwide. In 2012 IND announced the world’s first Facebook transfer with Alior
Sync Bank.

Growing since its inception in 1997, IND Group operates in Germany, Hungary, Poland,
Romania, Russia, Slovakia and the UK, and is represented through local business partners
in CIS countries and in the Middle East.

Find out more at http://www.indgroup.eu

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