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SIMS Recycling Announces Launch of New Website

March 28, 2013

LONDON, March 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

As we continue to be bombarded with new technologies, we find ourselves in an
increasingly disposable world of electronics. Computers, mobile phone, monitors, games,
toys and other devices are constantly replaced by newer technologies. This electronic gear
can not only contain a large amount of personal and business data, they can also contain
hazardous materials. Some even contain small amounts of precious metals.

The disposal of large amounts of electronic equipment through traditional means is not
acceptable, and certainly no longer legal. Recycling these materials through safe, secure
and environmentally sound processes is the solution. This is where SIMS Recycling
Solutions excels. SIMS is a worldwide recycling solutions company with 88 locations around
the globe. They have a mission of recycling materials that have served their useful life.
SIMS currently safely and securely recycles an amazing 750,000 tonnes of this Waste
Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) each year. SIMS Recycling Solutions meets and
exceeds government regulations in the handling of these materials.

Now, SIMS Recycling Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of its new SIMS
Recycling UK web presence. The new website features full disclosure of the variety of SIMS
services available to make this a greener planet, including information on setting up
Eco-days for schools, businesses and communities. These Eco-days help bring people
together with the common goal of gathering materials for the recycling process.

The new SIMS Recycling Solutions website is a porthole for everything “green”
including recycling resources on videos, whitepapers and presentations that can be
utilized for educational purposes. It has multiple links to other environmentally oriented
websites like that of The Environment Agency [http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk ], The
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and The British Metals Recycling
Association. Each link provides access to a wealth of information on how we can all help
to make ours a safer, greener planet.

More information on the green efforts of Sims Recycling Solutions is available on
their new website at http://www.simsrecycling.co.uk [
\\lonpivdocs\redocs\2013\www.simsrecycling.co.uk ].

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