Upgrades Allow Vine Videos To Be Embedded On Blogs, Websites
March 30, 2013

Vine App Now Allows Video Embedding In iOS

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Those who have been calling for more features or functionality to be added to Twitter´s short video-clip service Vine can rejoice — users can now embed the six-second movies on their blogs and websites.

Vine announced the upgrade on Friday, and while users could always embed tweets with the videos, Mashable´s Pete Pachal, reports that the new features allow the iOS-exclusive app´s videos themselves to be embedded at full 600x600 resolution on any web page.

“When you click on the Embed button on a Vine link, you can choose between a standard embed“¦ or a ℠Postcard,´ which puts the Vine user's profile picture and the caption for the Vine in a white frame that surrounds the video (for standard embeds, that info appears via mouseover),” he explained. “For both standard and postcard embeds, you can choose between 600, 480 or 320 pixels for the resolution.”

Vine users can get the embed code for individual movies either through the Vine website or the iOS app by tapping the ellipsis (““¦”) in the lower right-hand corner, Pachal said. However, in order to do so, the video must have first been shared outside of the video service by its original creator.

In addition, according to CNET social media reporter Jennifer Van Grove, Vine´s iPhone app also received an update that allowed users to post each-others videos to both Twitter and Facebook.

She said that these new features represent “the first significant changes to the Vine experience,” and added that the ability to embed the videos on other websites and blogs “should act like fertilizer to help the video-sharing app grow faster.”

It won´t work on all websites, though, claims Craig Lloyd of Slashgear. Vine uses the Apple-developed iFrame digital video format for embedding of the clips, and the format is not supported by some sites and blogging platforms.

Also, as Lloyd points out, “even though Vine is still constantly updating its Vine service, they still have yet to release the app to Android. However, we´d be surprised if an Android version didn´t arrive at some point. Back in February, Vine was looking for an Android developer, according to their job listings, so it´s possible they´re working on an Android version right now.”

Twitter originally unveiled Vine as a free download for iPhone and iPod Touch back in January. The videos were limited to six seconds in accordance with the micro-blogging website´s focus on brevity and in order to inspire creativity, the social network announced at the time. They had reportedly tested various different lengths of videos, ranging from four to 10 seconds, before deciding that one-tenth of a minute was the perfect length for the service.