One Ring To Rule Them All? Apple Analyst Thinks So
April 4, 2013

Analyst Claims Apple TV Will Ship With Fashion Accessories

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Two days after April Fool's Day, one familiar Apple analyst issued a note to investors about the rumored upcoming Apple HDTV. Though Brian White's investors likely aren't surprised to hear that Apple is expected to release a television, they may have been shocked to hear White's predictions about how this television set will be controlled.

According to the Topeka Capital analyst, the long rumored Apple TV will ship this fall with a special accessory called the iRing. White claims this ring will allow users to navigate through Apple's innovative interface with a series of hand gestures. White also believes the new TV will ship with an optional “mini iTV” to run other applications and work in tandem with the large screen Apple TV.

In a note to investors, White claims Apple has created an innovative television which will “revolutionize the TV experience forever.”

White says this television set will measure 60-inches but could also come in 50- and 55-inch models. The next sentence of White's note is where things begin to get weird, as the analyst claims “Apple will release a miniature device called 'iRing' that will be placed on a user's finger and act as a navigation pointer for 'iTV', enhancing the motion detection experience and negating some of the functionality found in a remote.”

White spends much of the note explaining his predictions for the mini iTV screens, but mentions the iRing again as he brings up the rumored Apple 'iWatch'.

“Furthermore, we believe 'iWatch' will be an important part of the 'iTV' ecosystem,” says White, “tapping into 'iTV' services in a much more mobile friendly manner, complementing the 'iRing'.“

White also believes those who wear the iRing and iWatch together will be able to control their Apple television sets and iPhones without having to carry their phone or pick up a remote control.

White's claims of a “mini iTV” are just as odd as his claims of an iRing.

The headline-hungry analyst claims the Apple HDTV will ship with an optional 9.7-inch screen, giving viewers a dual-screen viewing experience. This purported mini iTV could also be used to monitor home security cameras, place phone and video calls, run apps and will feature Siri.

White's description of this alleged mini iTV is identical to the capabilities of Apple's iPad. White is aware that the two share many functionalities and mentions that though the mini iTV will be the same size as the iPad, it will not be a tablet replacement.

It will just be able to make FaceTime calls, control the television, run apps and take advantage of Siri.

Mr. White wraps up his note to investors by saying he predicts customers will be willing to pay $1,500 to $2,500 for the Apple HDTV, depending on the “iTV package” they choose. Piecing together parts of White's note, it's likely he believes the Cupertino company could release the TV in three sizes with the option for up to four mini iTVs. White has also heard that the Apple TV could come with a subsidy by certain service providers to help get the product in as many houses as possible.

These rumors which White has conjured up will not surprise anyone familiar with his work. Last year, White captured headlines when he projected shares of AAPL to reach $666. After another analyst projected AAPL to reach $1,000, White changed his projection to $1,001.

White is still bullish on Apple and claims stock prices could climb as high as $888 in twelve months.