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Enstorage Goes Live with A 50 KW, Grid Connected HBr Flow Battery

April 4, 2013

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Presents first ever grid connected HBr Flow Battery for use with Renewables

EnStorage [http://www.enstorageinc.com ], a developer of large scale electricity
storage solutions, has announced today that it has produced the irst ever grid connected
Hydrogen-Bromine (HBr) flow battery. The 50 KW battery was connected at the company’s test
site in southern Israel and provides up to 100 KWh of energy.

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“This is a major milestone and a step forward towards larger capacity products,” says
Dr. Arnon Blum, President of EnStorage Inc. “With the 50 KW system we have refined our
ability to manage multiple battery stacks, which is key to providing a modular and cost
effective storage system for our customers.”

EnStorage Inc. grew out of a need to provide utilities and large-scale industrial
clients a cost effective and reliable way to store energy. The company has scaled from a
one watt lab proof of concept single cell system, to the recently operational multi-stack
full system. During this period, the system’s components have been put through extensive
testing that proved stable operations over 10,000 cycles. EnStorage’s technology
breakthroughs are covered by an extensive IP portfolio, which includes the core
technology, materials, membrane and operations.

EnStorage flow batteries utilize HBr and H2 as storage chemicals. Abundance of these
materials reduces the chemical cost by 95% compared to other batteries, making it the most
affordable flow battery in the market. Moreover, the battery’s proprietary conversion
stacks has demonstrated over 3 times the power densities compared to other batteries,
making it smaller and lower in cost.

“We believe that by making energy storage simple and affordable we can tackle the
major issues facing the energy sector,” says Dr. Blum “EnStorage batteries can firm up
renewable energy by eliminating intermittency, align energy availability with demand for
load leveling and peak shaving, defer transmission and distribution upgrades, and provide
instant congestion relief, solving immediate grid constraints.”

Following the recent success of the 50KW unit, EnStorage is now moving forward with
the next milestone of a 150KW, 6 hours of storage, commercial unit.

About EnStorage:

EnStorage is developing large scale energy storage devices based on proprietary flow
battery technology. The company is backed by leading investors including: Warburg Pincus,
Canaan Partners, Greylock Israel, Wellington and Siemens TTB.

For more information contact Itai Karelic, Director of Business development Email:
Itai.karelic@EnStorageinc.com, http://www.enstorageinc.com, +1-917-445-1683.



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