Google Compute Engine Now Available To Gold Support Customers
April 6, 2013

Google Opens Access To Compute Engine To Cloud Platform Gold Support Customers

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Google has opened up access to its Compute Engine cloud service to Cloud Platform Gold Support customers, while also simultaneously reducing prices for the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) by four percent.

Google Compute Engine (GCE), which was announced at the Google I/O annual developer´s conference in 2012, had been available by invitation-only prior to Thursday´s announcement, according to Information Week Editor-at-Large Thomas Claburn.

The Mountain View, California company´s service, which offers “computational infrastructure on demand in the form of virtual Linux machines that can perform sustained processing tasks,” is now available to any Cloud Platform customer paying $400 per month for Google´s Gold Support package, he added.

GCE was launched last July as a competitor to Amazon Web Services' (AWS) and similar offerings from competitors such as Rackspace and Savvis, eWeek´s Jeffrey Burt explained on Friday. Reaction to the IaaS service over the last nine months has been positive, according to Google officials.

“One of our main goals in building Compute Engine is to enable a new generation of applications with direct access to the capabilities of Google´s vast computing infrastructure,” Marc Cohen of the Google Cloud Platform team said in a blog entry posted on Thursday.

Cohen also announced that new features had been added to the service based on user feedback.

Among those new features: “the option to boot from persistent disks mounted as the root file system, persistent disk snapshots, the ability to checkpoint and restore the contents of network resident persistent disks on demand, and the ability to attach and detach persistent disks from running instances,” he explained.

Google also unveiled an improved administration console interface, which allows users to manage all of their services at one time. Furthermore, the company announced that they would be adding five new instance type families and 16 new instance types to the service, as well as a pair of new supported zones in Europe designed to provide customers there with lower latency and higher performance when using GCE.

“We´ve also made it easy to migrate virtual machine instances from one zone to another via an enhancement to our gcutil command line tool,” Cohen added. “An enhanced metadata server, with the ability to support recursive queries, blocking gets and selectable response formats, along with support for updating virtual machine tags and metadata on running instances (which enables dynamic reconfiguration scenarios).”