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ADARA To Exhibit At Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara

April 9, 2013

ADARA’s Chief Software Architect to demonstrate company’s advanced SDN platform

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — ADARA Networks(®), a global software company in the software defined networking space, will exhibit and demonstrate a selection of the advanced capabilities of its Software Defined Networking (SDN) product offerings at Open Networking Summit 2013 in Santa Clara on April 15-17. The Open Networking Summit is the only nonprofit conference dedicated to accelerating the future of SDN technologies.

“ADARA is excited to be exhibiting at such an important and sold out conference as the Open Networking Summit,” said Eric Johnson, Chairman and CEO of ADARA Networks. “ADARA’s demonstrations are a small fraction of the ADARA SDN platform. The exhibit only hints at what ADARA has developed and what ADARA is introducing to the market. SDN is much more than the limited, piecemeal view that has been marketed; it is more than a single use case, more than a marketing strategy to salvage falling legacy infrastructure sales.”

“SDN is about visibility into services, about applications and services interfacing with network infrastructure. It is surprising that there are SDN products that are incapable of looking into the primary applications and services Layers, 4 -7, much less manage all Layers, 1-7, since these SDN offerings work only at Layers 2, 3 with limited utility at Layer 4. It both poses the question of how valuable are these SDN offerings, while it partially answers the question of why has SDN adoption been slower than expected. The important question is not which companies are pursuing SDN it is which companies’ SDN platforms bring real value to the market. The bottom line is that the market decides. ADARA SDN is not concept, it is concrete, it is not limited, it is comprehensive, it is production quality and empowers customers to eliminate the barriers to SDN adoption and deployment. The simple message is that ADARA SDN is uniquely able to transform computing, networking and mobility in ways never before imagined,” said Johnson.

Exhibiting and demonstration details for ADARA Networks @ Open Networking Summit 2013 include:

Date: April 15-17, 2013
Location: Booth 306
Santa Clara Convention Center and Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

ADARA’s Chief Software Architect Karthikeyan Subramaniam will illustrate the insufficiencies of legacy networking, discuss the importance of a holistic SDN solution rather than the piecemeal approach and demonstrate the need and power of a comprehensive SDN that is service aware, end -to-end and Layer 1-7, as opposed to simple SDN limited to “Layer 2-4 rule lookup and forward” approaches.

ADARA will also be demonstrating the capabilities of its SDN product offering including:

  • Infrastructure orchestration; ability to manage all virtual and physical IT infrastructure components
  • Service choreography; ability to manage to the level of the service, not just the level of the virtual and physical infrastructure components
  • True end-to-end management of virtual and physical resources
  • Fully Layer 1 – 7 virtualized platform
  • Autonomic management through policy; capability to dynamically create rules and make IT infrastructure configuration changes based on business services performance and policy
  • Capability to increase VM densities and reduce OPEX, the mark of efficiency in computing
  • Capability to migrate services as well as virtual machines enabling novel ultra fast virtual and cloud computing
  • Capability to allow the users to set, monitor and dynamically enforce business level goals (cost, customer satisfaction) service level goals (service availability, response, utilization) operational goals (bandwidth, latency)

As part of the demonstration, ADARA will also highlight how it provides a solution that is horizontally (Layer 1-7) as well as vertically (data center-to-network-to-client/end-to-end) integrated and allows full visibility to services. ADARA will demonstrate how an industry first; how its products are engineered for Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers, large, medium and small enterprises, as well as home and consumer markets. ADARA’s production ready solution also provides single pane of glass management, which is key for businesses.

About ADARA Networks:
ADARA has solidified its position as an industry visionary by empowering clients to fully leverage the potential of their networks, services and systems with timeless solutions designed to connect, enhance and facilitate interactivity that brings greater productivity. Built on a foundation of superior performance and reliability, ADARA delivers the industry’s most advanced platforms for Information Technology. Secure and easily implemented, ADARA solutions enable services to communicate across multiple platforms in real time, enhancing network performance and productivity for our customers and partners, ultimately driving sales and growth. For more information, please visit: http://www.adaranetworks.com


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