Microsoft Office For iOS, Android Delayed Until Late 2014
April 11, 2013

Microsoft Office For iOS, Android Delayed Until Late 2014

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

A leaked road map reveals that Microsoft Office for iOS and Android may not hit the market as soon as expected, and is being pushed back to fall of 2014.

The road map, leaked to ZDNet and viewed by the site's Mary Jo Foley, begins with Gemini wave 1.0, which includes the core set of Office products -- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. These apps, which are set to launch this October, will also work on Windows RT and Windows 8, and will supplement rather than replace the desktop/Win32 versions that exist today.

The 1.5 wave of Gemini updates, set for release in April 2014, will deliver the next version of Mac Office along with an update to Office for Windows Phone. Also set for release in the April 2014 update is Office RT, which Foley said may be a refresh of the desktop version of the current Office 2013 RT suite that Microsoft ported to ARM and bundled with Windows RT.

According to the road map, the Outlook RT app is missing from the spring 2014 update, and is apparently being held back until October 2014.

Also on the road map for fall 2014 is what's listed as iOS/Android support for Office, which may be the Office for iPad release, although it could simply be Office for iPhone and Android phones considering there is no language on the road map to indicate the release is tablet-specific.

Rumors about Microsoft's release of Office for iOS and Android have been circulating for months, although the product hasn't been formally announced or even officially confirmed to exist. But a number of Microsoft sources have reportedly confirmed that these apps were on track to be launched by mid-2013.

While the age and accuracy of the alleged road map is uncertain, Foley said the document was likely current as of the beginning of this year.

Microsoft declined to comment on the matter.

"We don't have any information to share about the next set of updates to Office," a spokesperson said.