Android Gets Burner App
April 11, 2013

Android Finally Gets Disposable Phone Number App ‘Burner’

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

The disposable phone number app Burner is now available for Android, giving users the ability to make calls or send text messages using temporary phone numbers.

While such an app might seem nefarious, there are many legitimate reasons why a person might want a disposable phone number, such as buying or selling items on Craigslist, giving their number to a stranger, or other cases in which identity protection would come in handy.

“Burner is an important tool for users to protect themselves by adding an extra layer of anonymity to their phones,” said Greg Cohn, CEO at AD Hoc Labs, the app´s creator.

While the app has been available for iPhone since last August, it was finally released on Wednesday for Android devices. It includes one free disposable number, which is valid for one day only and can be used for a five-minute call or 15 text messages.

Once the number expires, users can either extend its life or pay for additional new numbers via in-app purchases.

Extending the number for 30 days and adding 50 minutes, or 150 SMS messages, will cost 5 credits, with pricing for credits ranging from $1.99 for 3 credits to $11.99 for 25 credits.

The base price plan for a disposable number is $2, which offers a week´s validity, 60 text messages and 20 minutes of voice calls.

Burner for Android can now be downloaded via Google Play Store, although based on user reviews its servers appear to be overwhelmed on the first day of the launch. In addition to the new Android version, AD Hoc Labs also released an updated iOS version featuring customizable voicemail greetings, improved notifications and call-history management.

The name “burner” originally refers to a disposable prepaid cellphone that can be used until the minutes are used up, then thrown away so it cannot be traced or tapped. Burner phones typically cost between $20 and $30, making the Burner app a more affordable alternative.