Evernote Announces Month-Long Developer Training Program
April 17, 2013

Developer Training Program To Be Hosted By Evernote

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Evernote will be welcoming a handful of software developers to their Redwood City, California headquarters this October for a one-month long mentorship program, the company announced on Tuesday.

Six teams of app makers who use the company´s API and platform to build their programs will be selected from the winners of the 2013 Devcup competition, PCMag´s Stephanie Mlot explained. The program will be known as the Evernote Accelerator class and will include workshops with the company´s engineers and designers, sessions with technology company entrepreneurs, and more.

“The idea behind the mentorship program being to give promising developers the opportunity to work closely with Evernote staff to help create the best product possible,” said Mashable´s Emily Price.

She added that winning teams will have their travel and lodging provided for them (courtesy of a corporate sponsor, in most cases) and will also be presented with a small stipend to cover additional costs.

Following the month-long course, each team will present their finished products in front of a group of investors, journalists, executives and other industry leaders, said Craig Lloyd of SlashGear.

There is a chance that their programs will be picked up by financiers or other tech companies, so the program would certainly appear to have its benefits, he added.

Accelerator will run from October 21 through November 15, and will include sessions on topics such as human resources, crowdfunding, working with mobile carriers, developing for multiple platforms and pitching ideas and products, Mlot said.

Furthermore, according to Price, despite the financial assistance being provided to participants, Evernote officials said that neither they nor any of the sponsors claim any ownership of the developers they work with.

“The Accelerator program will be intense,” Evernote platform advocate Rafe Needleman told PCMag. “But that also means four weekends, and we'll have great activities to help the teams recharge and get some perspective while they're working on their projects.”

“For us, the big win is when somebody builds a cool integration,” Needleman added during an interview with Mashable. “The more engaged people are with their Evernote account, the more likely they are to stick with us...The benefit we get is happier Evernote users”

App submissions for the Evernote Devcup opened on Monday, Price said. Any program with integrates with Evernote API is eligible to participate in the competition, and from now through June, the company is also planning multiple Devcup gatherings at various locations throughout the world, she added.