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Building A Comprehensive Corporate Knowledge Base Now Easier with Organization Description Language Technology

April 18, 2013

Solution from Lions Business Technologies works for all organizations including businesses, government and NGOs

LOS ANGELES, April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Lions Business Technologies (http://www.lionsbiztech.com/) – a knowledge management software development company — announces that it has developed technologies for creating a truly comprehensive corporate knowledge base for any organization – business, government, NGO, etc.

This technology, called Organization Description Language (ODL), allows its users to integrate isolated ‘information islands’ into a comprehensive ‘knowledge continent’ and to give every corporate employee access to this comprehensive corporate knowledge base via an individual ‘corporate cockpit’ on the ‘need to know’ basis. Thus, every employee gets access to all knowledge that he/she needs to make and execute the best possible decisions and perform the most effective and efficient actions in his/her responsibility areas.

Development of a comprehensive corporate knowledge base will radically increase the efficiency of corporate information — and knowledge management. Which in our ‘knowledge economy’ will no less radically increase the overall corporate efficiency and the shareholder value of business entities.

ODL is an object-oriented language; it allows to develop a comprehensive system (‘map’) of corporate objects (products, brands, clients, assets, employees, etc.) and corporate processes for any organization – business, government, NGO, academic, etc. And then to attach to each object (via links, database queries, etc.) and process all knowledge necessary to maximize its performance and its synergy with other corporate objects and processes.

The key ODL component is the Aggregate Efficiency Scorecard (AES) – a radical improvement of a well-known Balanced Scorecard. AES allows users to evaluate the aggregate performance of the corporate object (or process) in question and the degree of its synergy with other corporate objects and processes. In addition, AES serves as a central access point for all knowledge necessary for the best object management.

Using ODL as the foundation, Lions Business Technologies (LBT) has embarked on a number of highly ambitious projects. LBT develops and markets two software products: Comprehensive Business Audit Workbench (CBAW) and Executive Knowledge Management System (EKMS).

The key component of a comprehensive corporate knowledge base is a comprehensive system of key performance indicators (KPI). Hence, LBT is developing of standard KPI databases for various types of organizations (business, government, NGO, academic, etc.) and various industries.

To radically improve the efficiency of corporate management education and training, LBT is developing the Comprehensive Body of Managerial Knowledge (CBMK) and the corresponding Internet portal. CBMK portal will serve both as a tutorial and the reference system for practicing corporate managers.

But the most ambitious LBT project is the development of a next-generation ERP-system: Enterprise Objects Management System (EOMS). To facilitate this project, LBT is developing standard systems of corporate objects for various types of organizations (business, government, NGO, academic, etc.) and various industries (based on best corporate management practices). These systems will be ultimately integrated into the Standard Corporate Objects Repository (SCORE).

Corporate management and information systems can then be assembled from these standard components (using EOMS) which will radically streamline and improve the efficiency of the corresponding corporate projects.

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