EA Maxis To Release Version 2.0 Of SimCity On Monday Afternoon
April 22, 2013

SimCity Update Due Out This Afternoon

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

EA Maxis has announced that the first “major” update for their city-building and urban-planning simulation game SimCity will be released Monday at 4:00pm Eastern (1:00pm Pacific), various media outlets have reported.

According to Engadget´s Joe Pollicino, the SimCity 2.0 update will include 26 bug fixes, new data map color filters, a specialized heads-up display for the colorblind setting, and the action of mayors traveling from their mansions to their workplaces.

Furthermore, the update will address “a laundry list of issues“¦ including the oddities of the game's tourism feature, the lackluster cash-generating capabilities of its Casino specialization, and some of the jacked-up traffic issues that plague a typical city's service vehicle-stuffed roads,” added David Murphy of PCMag.com.

What the update will not include, according to Pollicino, is an offline mode.

“Because this is our first significant Update, we wanted to inform you in advance that we´ll be taking down all servers for a few hours while these changes are being issued,” the game´s developers said in their online forums, according to IGN writer Andrew Goldfarb.

The company added that the update time was chosen because they decided that it was “the best window for us to make these improvements” based on an analysis of their “peak player time.” They said that SimCity´s servers would be going offline for several hours while the updates are made, but that the wait would “be worth it.”

“Some forum posters don't quite share Electronic Arts' enthusiasm,” Murphy said. “Common complaints mentioned in responses to Electronic Arts' post include demands that gamers be allowed to increase the limited physical dimensions of their cities“¦ and that cities be allowed to have more than one single road-based entrance point — in effect, a little more customization for those who want to treat their Sims to some style.”

SimCity was released for Microsoft Windows in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan in March 2013. An OS X version of the virtual city-building game is currently scheduled to be released on June 11.