Mobile App Users In The US Equal To Those Using Computers: Flurry
April 27, 2013

Mobile App User Numbers Now Rival Traditional Media Audiences

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

The number of people regularly using mobile apps is now approximately equal to the number of people who use desktop or laptop computers to connect to the Internet, one analytics firm reported on Thursday.

According to mobile analytics and monetization firm Flurry, the top 250 iOS and top 250 Android apps peaked at 52 million consumers during primetime hours in the month of February. In comparison, that´s roughly equal to the total circulation of the 200 largest weekend newspapers in the US or the combined audiences of the three highest-rated primetime television shows during any given week, the company said.

“We believe this comparison says a couple of important things about the app audience: first that it has reached critical mass, and second that it is still highly fragmented relative to more traditional forms of media,” Flurry´s Mary Ellen Gordon explained in an April 25 blog entry. “Additionally, while we don´t compare costs in this study, it is far more affordable to reach an audience on mobile versus Print or TV.

“Flurry measured 224 million monthly active users of mobile apps in the United States in February of this year. During the same month, comScore counted 221 million desktop and laptop users of the top 50 digital properties in the United States. From this, we conclude that the US audience that is reachable through apps, albeit more fragmented, is now roughly equal to that which can be reached on laptops and desktops,” she added.

The company´s research also found app usage tends to be higher during the daytime hours (9-5) on weekends, and typically drops off during the overnight hours, said Sarah Perez of TechCrunch. Furthermore, during a normal workday, people use apps at least three-fourths as much as they do on Saturday and Sunday, and Flurry reports using traditional media to reach the all-important 18-to-49-year-old demographic will become more and more difficult as those individuals increasingly turn more to digital media.

“The more mobile ad networks increase their ability to deliver the right combination of reach and targeting, the easier it will be for advertisers to invest in mobile and leverage the unique value it offers,” Gordon said. “Mobile, in particular, can deliver different ads to different users within the same app or the same ad to similar types of people across different apps, based on the varying interests of those individuals.

“Dynamic segmentation is much more possible on mobile compared to earlier forms of broadcast media,” she added. “Now, fast forward one year from now, by which time Flurry estimates the installed base of smartphones and tablets will have doubled to 2 billion active devices per month. That should leave marketers of nearly every product thinking: on mobile, there´s an audience for that.”