Rumor Has It That Twitter Is Making A Google Glass App
April 30, 2013

Rumor Has It That Twitter Is Making A Google Glass App

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Less than two weeks ago, Google sent out emails to those fortunate early testers of their Glass spectacles notifying them they´d soon be receiving their glasses. So it should come as no surprise point of view pictures and videos taken from Glass are starting to pop up all around the Internet. Though there are only a few thousand testers (Google calls them Explorers), anything bearing the Glass name is instantly shared and discussed.

Yesterday some Twitter users noticed a Tweet from one of these Explorers bearing the hashtag #throughglass which had supposedly been sent via a Glass-specific Twitter app.

According to TechCrunch, this Tweet was spotted by the developer of the first unofficial Twitter app for Glass called “GlassTweet.” This offending Tweet and the account which sent it has since been deleted, possibly hinting this news wasn´t supposed to be released just yet.

In a screenshot posted on TechCrunch, Jonathan Gottfried (aka @jonmarkgo) posted a screenshot of another Tweet by @MogroothMuddler which read “Just shared a photo #throughglass.” This original Tweet was labeled with the “Twitter for Glass” send receipt, leading @jonmarkgo to question if Twitter was working with some Explorers to develop their very own app for Glass.

“Is @MogroothMuddler beta testing an official Twitter for Glass app? Certainly looks like it,” Gottfried tweeted.

TechCrunch says they´ve reached out to Twitter to ask if they are in fact working on a Glass-friendly version of the app, but the company would not comment.

It also isn´t surprising Twitter would want to create their own app for Google´s futuristic Glass. Twitter may not necessarily feel as if Glass is going to be a huge platform with millions of users and therefore needs to get out ahead of the curve. Twitter´s recent actions prove the microblogging service wants to be out ahead of any potential app and remove any third-party competition that may come along.

Developers such as @jonmarkgo are allowed to develop their own Twitter app, but with heavy restrictions. Twitter is more concerned with being able to eliminate this competition if they feel threatened. It´s also just as likely Google has worked up a partnership with Twitter to stock their Glass library with well known apps at launch.

As more Explorers go heads on with Glass, more pictures, videos and rumors of impending apps are most assuredly in our future. Tim Stevens with Engadget, for instance, has been cataloging his experiences with Glass over the past five days, from the unboxing on day one to a wild motorcycle ride on day four. Stevens also tells a story from day three about going through airport security with Glass.

What started off as a rumored product from Google´s X Labs has certainly come quite a long way in the past four to six months. As recently as January we were hearing stories Google´s Glass project was “in flux” as the engineers didn't know exactly what they wanted the final product to be able to accomplish. Since that time, the specs have been announced, created and even released to the earliest of adopters, some of whom plopped down their $1,500 last summer at Google´s I/O developer conference where Google threw Glass from a plane.

One Explorer recently tried to sell his pair of Glass on eBay for an outrageous profit. He later removed the glasses from auction, but not before bids had reached $90,000.