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MEI LLC Wins Analog Devices Supplier Excellence Award for 2012

April 30, 2013

MEI chosen from thousands of companies to win award for the 10th year

ALBANY, Ore., April 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — MEI LLC, manufacturer of semiconductor wet bench processing systems, announced today that it has received Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) Supplier Excellence Award for 2012 in the category of maintenance and service support. Just 13 suppliers were selected from among more than 2,000 companies that contribute to ADI’s global semiconductor manufacturing operations.

“Receiving this award from Analog Devices for ten consecutive years is a great honor. It caps off another year of new products, new markets, and productivity for MEI,” said Dan Capello, CEO, MEI LLC. “Our relationship with Analog Devices continues to evolve as their needs shift and expand. Our challenge is to anticipate our customers’ needs during a time when the semiconductor manufacturing landscape is constantly changing.”

About Analog Devices’ Supplier Awards
The ADI Supplier Excellence Awards distinguish those companies that meet the rigorous standards of the ADI supplier program. The winners must demonstrate an exceptional commitment to manufacturing excellence and leadership, and the on-time delivery of goods and services. Those suppliers cited by Analog Devices must also maintain high quality and reliability standards, deliver cost reduction initiatives, and display a proven dedication to technology advancement and continuous improvement.

“The 2012 ADI Supplier Excellence Award acknowledges 13 companies for outstanding adherence to rigorous manufacturing standards, supply continuity, and service. Our strategic suppliers are vital to ADI’s mission to deliver high-performance signal processing products. We congratulate the 2012 Supplier Excellence Awards winners for their innovation and responsiveness,” said Vince Simonelli, director of global purchasing, Analog Devices.

Founded in 1990 and based in Albany, Oregon, MEI is a diversified manufacturing and service company serving the solar, semiconductor, and high technology industries. The company’s specialties include automated and semi-automated wet process systems and services; linear and rotary wet benches for the solar and semiconductor industries; automated chemical delivery systems; and control automation software. MEI’s products integrate clean room safety, ergonomics, and support equipment with unparalleled ease of use and ease of maintenance. MEI has built its reputation on a commitment to outstanding customer service. Visit: www.meillc.com.

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