Facebook Will Let 'Trusted Contacts' Help Recover Forgotten Passwords
May 3, 2013

Facebook Will Let Trusted Contacts Help Recover Forgotten Passwords

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Facebook rolled out a new security feature on Thursday that lets users locked out of their accounts recover their passwords with the help of trusted friends. The optional enhancement, dubbed "Trusted Contacts,” lets a Facebook user select up to five friends to receive security codes if the user cannot login to his or her account.

Should a lockout arise, Facebook will send the security codes to the friends the user has selected. These keyholders can then pass along the codes to the user.

"Think of it like giving your house key to a friend when you go on vacation -- pick the friends you trust the most," Facebook said, according to the LA Times. "Facebook will send codes to the friends you selected and they can pass along that information you need to access your account."

The new feature would also help in situations where a user can't remember his or her password, and can't get into the email address where a recovery message would typically be sent.

"With Trusted Contacts, there's no need to worry about remembering the answer to your security question or filling out long web forms to prove who you are," the social network said in a blog, reports Cnet.

Facebook users can proactively select their trusted friends in the security settings section of their account, instead of selecting them once locked out (as was previously the case).

The chosen friends will then receive notifications that they've been entrusted with the user´s Facebook security.

But Facebook cautioned users to only select friends in whom they have high levels of trust, and recommended choosing as many friends as possible to increase the chances of getting the codes quickly.

Once a user has at least three security codes, they can enter them to recover their account.